Some Healthy Toys From The Puppy Boutique

There is no better addition to a pet lover’s life than a brand new puppy. They do require more maintenance than an older dog, this is true, but the antics they get into can be priceless at times. Unfortunately, some of their antics can also be aggravating, annoying and frustrating to their pet parent. They can also be potentially dangerous at times, so to safeguard the health of your new puppy, you might want to check out some of the new toy offerings from an Internet puppy boutique. The new lines available from established designers now include toys that are designed to be healthier for your pet to use, especially when they reach that horrible period that starts around three months old, when everything becomes irresistible, and must be chewed!

According to experts at any puppy boutique, the main reason that pups begin chewing everything in sight is because their teeth have reached the next development stage. Just like when toddlers begin teething, to relieve the discomfort of the new teeth growing in, they must chew on whatever is handy to make themselves feel better. The typical teething toys found in most pet stores will work, but many of them contain harmful chemicals or are made out of hard plastic that could potentially hurt their gums. Instead, try some of the healthier toys that are made out of organic materials that are available at most boutiques. Even if your little destructive machine manages to tear them apart, the organic materials and natural dyes used to create them guarantee that they will not be harmed if they swallow the bits. And, the design of the toys themselves actually helps to soothe their gums and clean their developing teeth while they chew. A definite win for everyone involved.

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This post was written by BPT_Assistant on October 27, 2012

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