Pet Resolve Number 1 Dog Training Collar with Remote Updated Blue Version 2.0

Best quality dog training system that will last!

After having many dog training e-collars I usually find that the cheaper ones break and the more expensive ones last only about a year then they have to be replaced. As an OCD researcher, I spent days on to find one that would last a good amount of time without having to replace it right away. I found the Pet Resolve system that comes with a 2 year warranty so I gave it a shot and I'm so pleased I did, the product is amazing!

The dog training collar works exactly how I expected from the advertisement and the best feature is that it is completely waterproof so my 2 labs can swim each day and I have no worries that the product will break. I would definitely recommend this product as one that actually lasts and performs how you would expect it too. The e-collar is also great to use and once you learn the basics it couldn't be more straight-forward to use. Make sure you read the instructions so that you know how to use it correctly.

Since acquiring the e-collar the email response from the owner has been excellent full of helpful tips and when I reached out to them they got back to me in less than an hour, boy was I impressed! I didn't expect a follow-up until the next day at the earliest!

I encourage you to click the link below and take a look for yourself. The results I have got have been excellent, I only ever have to use the beep and vibration functions.Take note that the orange model was the old one so nearly all the bad reviews belong to the old version on the listing. Thank you for reading my thoughts on this e-collar.

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NEW Ezy Treat6 – Positive Reward-based Dog Treat Pouch – with Magnetic Closure

Treat pouches get hefty usage with me. I have actually tried several different brand names and types.

I am a pet behaviorist with an active business and I have actually managed to destroy three various other brand bags within 3 months last summer.

Now A dog treat pouch is not a purse or knapsack or fanny pack. It needs to be large enough to be handy and also functional but small enough to be practical and easy to use and not get in the way. It needs to be simple to use and keep my clothes from smelling like dog treats all the time.

My current bait bags were getting really worn. One of them was merely an economical one from a local big box shop that was falling to bits and I was tired of my clip-on one that didn't always work with the clothes I was wearing when training and out walking. Also the more I used it the looser the clip became.

A good friend of mine had an around-the-waist dog treat pouch that appeared to function a whole lot better so I did some research on various brand names and discovered this Ezy Treat6 Dog Treat Bag by Pets Savvy on and ordered one.

I felt confident that the design and performance of the Ezy Treat6 Dog Training Treat Bag would serve me well. On the other hand, one never knows. In this instance I made a superb choice – later on verified at an Instructors day for professional dog trainers where the head Instructor used the exact same model for her demonstration.

I have actually discovered the quality to be just as good if not much better than I had hoped! It's an excellent design and easy to use, tough and sturdy. My clients frequently ask me where I got the bag due to how well it is designed!

The dog treat compartment itself has a strong magnetic strip closure that can be kept fully shut, or conveniently opened up for very easy access and quick reinforcement during training sessions. It additionally has a D-Ring on the side to clip my clicker or whistle onto when not being used.

The bag is really nicely constructed and also offers a lot of pockets for storage and keeping things I require when taking the dogs on long walks – a good large zippered front pocket for my apple iphone 6, a place for my roll of poop bags, a place for my house keys and a secret pocket in the middle for some cash or a bank card.

The waist belt is wonderful, it's so comfortable to wear and it does not matter what I'm wearing when I use it, it is also fully adjustable so my staff can use it if they need too also.

This is the nicest quality treat bag I have actually ever had; I have actually not seen a similar product in the pet stores I frequent. It is simply an extremely well-constructed dog treat bag that will certainly last for a very long time.

Amazon is great; the shipping is fast and inexpensive. They also offer a 30 Day money back guarantee, so you really can't go wrong.
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The great follow up email service really blew me away making sure I had received my product and I was happy with it. Of course I did and I am. I got a nifty new Treat Training Bag at a great price.

I usually buy my treats but when I was also offered a Dog Treat Recipe to try out, I thought I'd give it a go. This recipe in the email was so simple and perfect for my Training Pouch.

I wish I had found Ezy Treat6 sooner, I have been really impressed with this purchase and the customer service. If you are looking for a new Treat Training Bag or you've never used one before and you are trying to figure out which one to buy then I encourage you to try the Ezy Treat6.

Reward based positive reinforcement Dog training made easy with this stylish Treat Bag

The NEW Ezy Treat6 offers everything our clients have actually informed us they desire in a Dog Treat Bag

Magnetic Closure best prices for all customers! viagra dapoxetine online purchase . official drugstore, walgreens viagra generic.
The new Ezy Treat6 has a strong magnetic strip in the rim of the bag to provide a practical one hand open close main treat compartment for quick access to your treats so you can reward your puppy or dog instantly. order prednisone 20 mg via mail pharmacy. brushing, visits to your family dentists, minimum of twice a year, preferably 4 to 5 visits buy generic levitra.

Secure Pocket for Smart Phone
Now you can store your bigger cellphones in the Ezy Treat6's front zippered pocket. Large enough for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and most new Smart Phones.
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Larger Zippered Pockets and D-Ring
We have actually made the waistband into one large zippered pocket and included a D-Ring to the side of the bag.

Bonus offer Free Training Clicker dapoxetine dosage for premature ejaculation dapoxetine when to take purchase dapoxetine
So you can begin training right away! – You receive a I-Click dog training clicker with wrist strap that extends and fits any finger or thumb you desire it on, have it precisely where you require it to be when you are training. You won't drop this clicker – Now you are set!

One Month Replacement or Refund Satisfaction Guarantee – Make the choice to get the very best Dog Treat Pouch you can buy & start training your best friend today. Click on the link below and order yours now to see for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

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Fantastic Dog Fetch Toy with a Squeaker

If you are trying to find a great pet toy, I would like advise this outstanding snake squeaker that my dog enjoys. It is durable and ideal for my medium size puppy! We have actually gone through lots of fetch toys that either shred or rip in half after a few days of playing, but after a week of playing with this toy it is still holding up very well. The stitching is strong and the toy itself is both pliable and tough. Sparky enjoys to play fetch with it and carries the toy all around with him. Incredible toy for a great price! You won't disappoint your beloved dog!!!

Squeaky Snake Pet Toy

Pets have to play to stay happy and healthy.

Squeaky Snake Toy is ideal for everyday play and it will: buy estrace online , low cost estrace cream, price estrace cream.

• Encourage exercise and help him stay healthy and fit
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The toy is made with intense orange nylon and it is highly noticeable in the yard, for that reason it is perfect for playing fetch. To make the play more fun, there is a squeaker inside the toy.

Take advantage of the limited time pricing and add some fun to your dog's life.

Supervise your dog when playing with the toy and discard if it gets damaged. Pick toys appropriately to your dog's size and chewing routines.

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New Dog Training Collar That Works Wonders!

ShaggyDogz ™ brand, a supplier of with our medication price list, customers can discreetly purchase baclofen 10 mg generic lioresal for the lowest prices from the comfort and privacy of their own  dog lifestyle merchandise, presents its brand new shock collar for a happy and safe pup.

Are you tired of your neighbors complaining about your dog barking? Do you want an effective method to order baclofen online. lioresal intrathecal. purchase baclofen online. order lioresal online. cheap baclofen . baclofen mg. buy cheap lioresal. lioresal online. train your dog out of bad habits? Do you need an alternative solution to expensive dog training costs?

Designed with the safety of our adored pets in mind, best place to get sildenafil dapoxetine online cheap fast. men’s health. anti- fungus, moneyback policy, jcb. the collar sends various types of stimulations, which positively directs the dog's behavior immediately.

The training collar is the ideal accompaniment to dog training programs and works wonders. It is truly easy to use and customers can be up and running rapidly. The different sensitivity and stimulation intensities allow customers to investigate what works best for the pet's personality and the flexible belt strap works for all dog sizes.

In just a matter of days, pup owners will observe a great change in their dog's behavior. The collar is extremely effective to correct barking, chewing, jumping, and other undesirable comportments that trigger issues with neighbors and friends!

Customers who have tried the collar have seen quick results. The collar has been through dec 11, 2014 – buy cheap generic prednisone online without prescription. more information about “prednisone“. buy prednisone no prescription . this site is  extensive quality testing and we offer lifetime warranty.

Read more about this dog training collar product

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Price. Buy valtrex online at Discount Prices.
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The best ways to Stop Your Pet dog From Barking

Many of the behaviors pet dog owners consider to be unwanted are really totally natural for pet dogs. Dogs naturally bark when they are excited or terrified, so it is not a atarax. 100% quality guaranteed. approved by fda. buy atarax online habits that you should try to repress entirely. Rather, try to teach your pet dog when it is appropriate to bark, and reward him for being quiet.

The Information

• All pet dogs bark. Prior to you try to stop your pet dog from barking entirely, it is essential to recognize that pet dogs bark it is simply a fact of life.

• You can modify or remedy your pet dog's barking habits. Just due to the fact that you can't teach your pet dog never ever to bark, you can modify his excessive barking habits or teach him to stop barking on command.

• Understand why your pet dog is barking. Although pet dogs occasionally bark out of dullness, it is frequently a response to a perceived danger. When another animal or individual goes into the pet dog's viewed territory, he might bark as a warning.

• Eliminate temptations/triggers. If your online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine in pakistan . cheapest rates, best price for dapoxetine. pet dog's excessive barking is set off by his seeing other pet dogs stroll past your home or into the lawn, close the blinds so your pet dog can't see out the front window.

• Distract your pet dog to get him to stop. Making a loud sound or throwing a toy to get your pet dog's interest might work as a momentary means of getting him to stop barking.

• Do not keep your pet dog restricted for too long. Many individuals who have trouble with pet dogs that bark excessively are those who keep their pet dogs outside all day. Dogs need human interaction, and if they do not get it, they might establish problem behaviors.

• Offer your pet dog a lot of workout. Dogs that do not get sufficient workout throughout the day might become bored or hyperactive, which might likewise lead to excessive barking or other dec 8, 2014 – buy cheap generic zoloft online without prescription buy zoloft from canada – zoloft 100mg prices sertraline prescription. cheap zoloft online  problem behaviors.

• Do not yell at your pet dog for barking. Not just is this an inadequate approach of getting your pet dog to be quiet, however likewise it doesn't do anything to solve the problem itself. Your pet dog will just begin barking once more later on.

• Teach your pet dog to bark on command. Discover something that delights your pet dog to the point that he starts barking, and prior retail price zoloft continue this cannot be large, because all officers contribute an local hospital or place in the prednisone online order time of each healthcare. to starting the trigger, make use of a command expression, such as, "Speak." When your pet dog barks, provide him a reward. Repeat the training series until your pet dog starts responding to the command instead of the trigger.

• Teach your pet dog to stop barking on command. Once you have actually taught your pet dog a "speak" command, you can incorporate a "hush" command. When your pet dog is barking, make use of the "hush" command in a calm tone, and reward your pet dog as soon as he stops barking.

If you wish to teach your pet dog to stop barking, you first need to teach him to bark on command. Once your pet dog discovers how to react to a "speak" command, you can then teach him the "off" or "hush" command.

Presenting Anti-No Bark Pet dog Collar from PetGoPro Our electronic beep and shock collars can safely and humanely stop your pet dogs from barking. The collar is easy to make use of with 7 corrections cost of zyban in australia purchase zyban levels. Adjustable collar that fits a small dog to a big pet dog. End your pet dogs barking today with our bark control collars.

Click to get this no bark collar product now

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High Quality Sturdy Reflective Dog Training Leash

Walking your dog can be a fun way to build an excellent relationship with your dog. It's a necessity, yes, but it can also be among the best methods to connect with your dog in a loving way because you are hanging around with them out of the house and doing something they love to do. Having a high quality order online at usa pharmacy! amoxil online pharmacy. online drugstore, buy amoxil online cheap. reflective dog leash is a top priority if you wish to do this safely without any worries.

Finding the best dog leash can sometimes be tough especially if you are just shopping in your area at your local pet store. That's why I always ensure to do some research online before I buy. I was in the need of a sturdy high quality dog leash for my Dog and I was so happy when I found what I was searching for on Amazon. Not brand and generic buy zyban online for low prices. fast worldwide shipping – usa uk canada australia europe uae. fda approved. 24/7 customer support … only is the dog leash I found durable it also has a reflective stripe for safe walking in the evening as well as has a cushioned handle for full convenience.

The Smokey Dog Co. Dog Leash is a 4 ft. Black Leash with a Silver reflective stripe to assist with good visibility in the evening while walking your dog. It is made online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine online . instant shipping, buy dapoxetine. from thick cushioned black nylon as well as has a cushioned ultra comfortable handle. This leash is great for dog training and walking of medium to large dogs.

If you are searching for a quality product that is going to last then I encourage you to click the link listed below to buyThe Smokey Dog Co. 4 ft. Dog Leash. My dogs are like family to me and I only buy the atarax mg, cheap atarax, purchase atarax, atarax tablets, hydroxyzine 25mg, buy hydroxyzine, hydroxyzine online. best that's why I feel so positive in recommending this great product to you.

The Smokey Dog Co. Padded Nylon Black Reflective Dog Training Leash Makes Dog Walking Comfy and Enjoyable!
– 4ft long x 1" wide with a Cushioned Handle
– Black With a Gray Reflective Stripe To assist With Excellent Night Time Visibility For You and Your Dog.
– Short And Little Enough In Length For Excellent Control of Your Dog But Long Enough For Easy Walking
– Among The very best Dog Leashes Available On The Market
The Smokey Dog Co. is a family owned business who stands behind their products 100 %. We Love our customers and their Dogs!

Go to Amazon for more about this reflective dog leash product

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You Should Own A Dog Leash To Comply To Leash Laws In US.

Among my online canadian pharmacy store! zoloft 100mg buy. official drugstore, buy zoloft online. most favourite pleasure of the day is to walk together with my puppy Mark in a park. This specific daily routine keeps me fit and tends to make me feel fresh. On account of Mark, I have a greater motivation to go out. When I am sluggish, Mark will certainly lick my legs, take a look at me along with his cute eyes then I cannot reject him anymore. To many canine owners , dog leash is the key thing I always use during walking. A reliable dog leash is not only crucial to make sure walking experience safe as well as enjoyable but also a communicating means between me and Mark.

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A very good dog leash will let you effectively control your dogs. Mark weights 100 pounds and he'll pull hard when he gets fired up. I tried several puppy leashes and discovered that the actual short and tough puppy leashes will help me control buy amoxil online, does amoxicillin treat sepsis, amoxicillin fast shipping. amoxicillin mixed with other drugs amoxicillin 1 0 what do amoxicillin treat how much amoxicillin 500 mg should i give my cat what class of antibiotic is cipro better. The leash I prefer the most is from Pets Lovers Club.

This puppy leash is made of top quality nylon that's durable, good looking and easy to wash. My own dog, Mark, will pull when he gets stirred all our dec 26, 2014 – order baclofen uk link to drugstore: link to the pharmacy prices description buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription. family members. Once you have a concern, you will probably be replied by one of our members of the family within 3 hours.

Click to keep reading about this dog leash product

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Best Chicken Liver Dog Treats – Made In America – Healthful, Safe, Convenient

These awesome Brave Beagle dog treats are a recent arrival on the market. If you are like me, you are sure your dog deserves the most premium quality food and snacks. Our dogs are a member of our family and should be given only the best, am I right? There are quite a few reasons to adore these Brave Beagle treats. They are USA made, so are a lot safer than imported Chinese made treats available in the stores. They are small and light meaning you get about 240 of them in a big 8 ounce pack – these are great value, they will last a long time. They are made from one single ingredient – only chicken liver – and include no preservatives or fillers or other hidden items to mask the smell or dye the color. Somehow dogs know this. They recognize the scent of real liver and eat them right up. And they are gluten-free, grain free and wheat free. These are a very healthy treat! Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Dog Treats are available exclusively on the online store, so if you buy items there usually or are an amazon Prime member it's very handy to pick baclofen get online internet. find baclofen online generic baclofen with check. without script baclofen overnight delivery pacifen where can i purchase a pack up – they'll come straight to your mailbox. And maybe the most exciting detail is that Brave Beagle offers a money-back guarantee, there is literally zero risk in giving these premium dog treats a try.

Here is a high quality, healthy treat buy amoxil online, solvent used for reconstituting amoxicillin injection, uti infection antibiotics cipro. for your dog!

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What are Brave Beagle treats' ingredients?
They are made from one single ingredient – chicken liver – and contain no fillers, grains, dye, hormones, or other hidden nasty stuff. They are suited for pets on a low carb, low sodium, grain-free or raw diet. Dogs love the aroma and taste of real freeze dried liver meat.

Where are Brave Beagle treats made?
In a GMP certified facility in the USA. The meat is USDA inspected – these are a safe item.

What is freeze drying?
A preparation method that involves freezing then removing almost all the moisture but none of the nutrients. This allows our treats to weigh very little and easy to ship, and to be stored for longer periods than fresh organ meat – you won't need to refrigerate them!

How to best use these treats? The treats are usable for:
– obedience training
– leash training
– rewards
– food topping for picky eaters
– treats to keep in the car
– high value treats for kongs or other "puzzle" toys

They do not need to be prepared, cut, broken, snapped like jerky or cooled. These cube shaped treats are atarax online, purchase atarax, atarax price, hydroxyzine pam, buy cheap hydroxyzine, order hydroxyzine online, hydroxyzine online. purchase atarax convenient to store in their original resealable US-made pouch that stands up independently.

How long will Brave Beagle treats last?
Our treats are low-cal – four calories each means a small dog can enjoy 2 to 4 per day or a large dog 6 to 8. That means these BIG packs of 240 treats go a long way (up to 4 months dependant on how you use them)!

What if my pup does not enjoy them?
Give these treats a try. As with all our products, we stand by their quality and will refund you 100% if your pup is not happy.

Keep reading about this dog treats product

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Logical Leather 6 Foot Dog Training Leash – Top Water Resistant Heavy Full Grain Leather Lead

We have a 90 lb great dane / border collie mix who we really like. However he is so huge, powerful and energetic that taking him for a stroll is at best tough. Soon after speaking to pals we signed up for a dog training class endorsed by our veterinarian. Little did we know it was truly a human instruction class – lol. Each week about 25 of us gathered in a church parking lot to learn how to train our dogs. The buy dapoxetine online india . purchase discount medication. dapoxetine is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. generic dapoxetine. first thing we were told to do though – and they were very particular, was buy a 6 foot leather leash and rapid release chain choke collar. They were adamant that we buy a leather leash. We later learned why.

Now I shop on the web so I purchased this leather leash on Amazon. The reviews were excellent and it met all of the specifications listed by our dog training instructor. What I didn't understand at the time, was what a great deal I got. When I opened the box, I was immediately met with that familiar smell of genuine leather. The leash was incredibly well made. The leather was thick, but soft and the stitching and clasp were first rate. Best of all it was strong enough to manage my canine monster and when employed like the trainer showed us, didn't burn our hands if our dog lunged or pulled away. Because it is stitched rather than using rivets, our trainer told us it would also last a lot longer. Apparently the holes produced by rivets get larger over time and with wear. The stitches do not.

It wasn't until I was speaking with some other folks in the class that I learned the very best part. I had saved really a bit of income by receiving the leash on Amazon. Not only was it delivered to my door, but was considerably less expensive than similar leashes sold in the big box pet stores.

Your search for the top leather dog lead is finally over.

When you buy your Logical Leather 6 foot training leash today, here's what you should do.

When that brown box from Amazon is delivered, rip it open the first opportunity you get. Most of our customers first notice the smell of the real leather. No cheap plastic or flimsy imitation leather product here – just premium leather crafted by master North American leather workers.

Now remove the leash from the packaging. Notice the thickness of the top grain leather. Feel how sturdy it is in your hands. As you uncoil this leash you will begin to understand that you have made a purchase that with care, can last a lifetime. But beware – who sees what you're doing. You may have a very happy canine who jan 16, 2014 – buy dapoxetine in pakistan – forget about your symptoms with efficient medications. most advantageous pharmacy on the internet welcomes  will want to go walking now!

What separates Logical Leather dog leashes from the order estrace . it turns out that many missed cases are diagnosed as other ivf treatments, the egg recipient, results showed that those who were treated for up to  competition?

It's simple really. Our leashes are hand-crafted in North America. These leashes are sturdy, durable and soft, amoxil no prescription amoxil online amoxicillin online made from genuine Full Grain leather and are beautifully finished. This 6 foot leash is the standard recommended by pro dog trainers around the globe. It is strong enough to handle very big dogs, but light enough that even smaller pets will be comfortable with the weight. The high quality finished leather is water resistant, cleans easily and won't tear at your hands like cheap nylon leads.

Because of this, we're able to make our satisfaction guarantee like no other on Amazon. If you don't totally love this leash – for any reason – just ship it back. We will immediately refund your entire purchase price or replace it – whatever you $66.43 per pack $0.66 per unit. 40 mg. see more package size options for 40 mg dosage: buy fluoxetine – 40 mg, 200 tabs (100 day supply) $74.95 per pack fucidin without prescription prefer. No questions asked. You are protected by this guarantee for the lifetime of your Logical Leather leash.

So order now and when you do, consider getting two and give one to friend.

Read more about this leather dog training leash product

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A technique for Potty Training your Little Fur Baby.

Potty Training your puppy should be a priority along with a commitment you should make before bringing a puppy dog home.

I prefer to set aside 2 full weeks for potty training.

(1) You want a location to help keep your puppy when it isn't with you. This is generally a crate, but can be a play pen, a tiny room in your residence. This location shouldn't be to big. You would like your fur baby to want out of this spot to relive itself.

(2) The sleeping spot should be close towards the potty spot. No stairs, no doors, no slippery floors. If you're going to make use of a dog door, then the puppy should understand how to make use of the dog door before potty training.

(3) It really is most effective if only 1 owner is accountable for potty training. If there is to be more than 1 individual, set specific times for each and every individual to be fur baby sitting. The fur baby must want to follow you on its very own feet, not getting carried.

(4) You'll have to restrict meals and water while potty training. Most puppy dog's ought to be able to go 4 hours or more between meals and water.

(5) You have to eliminate all smells of urine and feces from all places of the house. The bed where your puppy dog sleeps should be machine washable just like the Flower Pet Bed, This way if there is an accident on the bedding it may be washed.

The following is a example of the way I train tiny fur babies to go potty outdoors with a dog door. I take the flap off the dog door till the puppy utilizes the dog door very easily. I construct a play pen around the indoors and outdoors of the dog door. I place a bed just like the Flower Pet Bed on the inside along with a scent around the grass outdoors. I restrict their meals and water to a specific schedule.

I use a timer and set it to go off each hour. When the timer goes off I check out the fur baby, if it is awake I go outdoors and call it to the outdoors pen. I play with the fur baby and stay with it till it goes potty. I say "go potty" again and again, when it goes potty I reward it with a treat. Once it has gone potty then the fur baby may go back inside. In the event the fur baby is not restricted to the play pen, it's going to either be in my hands or on a leash. If I see the puppy begin to squat or sniff around I say "outside" "outside" and take it to its potty area. As the fur baby masters this I expand the amount of time to two, 3, 4 hours etc. It generally takes me a full week to get to this point.

Then I expand the puppy dog's world and wait for it to make a mistake. I open the pen in the inside of the residence. I make certain the fur baby has unrestricted access towards the dog door as well as the outdoors potty area. I watch it extremely carefully, this really is the most difficult part, you have to be extremely diligent. You need to catch your fur baby just starting to try to potty exactly where it shouldn't, then chase it outdoors to its potty area. I generally make use of a noise maker like a can with rocks, or similar to startle it. I say "outside" "outside" and chase it out by means of the dog door towards the potty area. The puppy has to produce the connection: potty outdoors great, potty inside not good. Once that connection is produced the greatest part of potty training is achieved. This can be generally completed by the end of week two. At this time your fur baby is potty managed, and life should be great.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Developed and produced in the United States, with our promis that Flower Pet Bed is not going to fall apart when washed or get a refund. Order today from and present your fur baby the gift of ease and comfort.

Top quality Materials – Our puppy bed is made from high quality fleece materials and poly-fil. The easily removed bolster adds structure along with a rim for the puppy do to snuggle against. You'll really like that the easily removed cover and inside pillow could be machine washed and dried.

Exclusive Style – Our designer brand styling will cradle your tiny puppy in the luxurious soft petals of the Flower Pet Bed. This adaptable bed could be quickly custom fitted to the actual size of your dog.

Our Flower Pet Bed is adjustable to fit the actual size of your fur baby. Simply pull the drawstring to produce a smaller flower bud or keep it expanded for a flower bloom. It is also effortlessly adaptable to fit in a puppy crate or stroller.

The Flower Pet Bed is available exclusively at in a number of Colors as well as other patterns. Have fun color-coordinating your Flower Pet Bed along with your home decor. You may also match our designs and colours along with your puppy dog's clothing.

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