If You Want To Transform Your Dogs Behaviour Problems Fast Learn The Secrets To Service Dog Training

A clear strategy and well defined plans are the essential ingredients when implementing a program of service dogs training. Methods of training a dog for service is quite different from the basic dog training strategies which can be performed by anyone who follow them properly and get their household dog to respond reasonably in most everyday situations. The dogs need to be better trained and that training needs to prepare them for situations that aren’t daily routine for most people or dogs.

The bad news here is that unless you are highly skilled and trained you can’t implement service dogs training on your own. The best part is that there are programs that allow virtually anyone to study and learn about dog training enabling them to eventually train a dog for service. Of course, having a dog that just naturally picks up on training easily and is eager to learn always helps, but to be really great at training a service dog you will need a guide that teaches you all about dog behaviour training strategy, and what types of skills a service dog must master.

Finding the Information

If you would like to learn proven secrets to that will easily solve your dogs behaviour problems once and for all, you can visit the following link. When you opt-in you will qualify to receive free newsletters on dog training. =>

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No Nonsense Simple And Effective Crate Training Tips

can be a simple yet effective way to define boundaries for you and your dog. It is an often misunderstood concept, but used in a correct manner can be hugely successful in training your pup. It’s important to know that crate training should not be viewed as a punishment and therefore it is not cruel. 
Animals such as  dogs will instinctively never soil the area they sleep in.  This makes the crate a fantastic tool for  house training your pup. It is often recorded that those owners who incorporate a crate in their pups behavior training , have a faster success rate of house training than those who don’t.
A crate has lots of positives for puppy training. It clearly defines your pups space and the space of your family. This is important as the pup regards his crate as his den. He can feel safe and secure there and often times, you can find your pup will return there for naps of his own accord. As mentioned above, it also aids in teaching your pup acceptable toilet habits.
If you’re about to embark on , then choosing to do so with a crate should make that adventure a breeze! The BIGGEST rule about crate training is that the crate should NEVER be used as a punishment tool. The crate should be the pups safe place and somewhere he will go when he is looking for comfort and familiarity. By using it as a punishment, your pup will view it negatively and  suffer anxiety each time he is placed in there. 
Now, obviously the first time you put your puppy in the crate he isn’t going to magically understand what it is and what is required of him while he is in there. There may be a day or two of barking and whining. This is expected and completely normal. The pup simply isn’t used to the new experience. Here’s an easy way to integrate the crate into your pups life. During the day, place your pup in the crate for 10-15 minutes at a time. When your pup barks or cries, do not scold him. Simply, ignore him. You will only reward him for positive actions while he is in the crate and ignore him when he has negative reactions. Sure, this is going to seem like a momentous  task the first few days. But by being consistent with your positive reinforcement and ignoring the bad behavior your pup will learn to love his crate. Training your pup like this, and gradually building the time he is in the crate up over a period of three days should have your pup used to the crate and familiar with what is expected of him. He will also learn that bad behavior gets the worst punishment he can stand – to be ignored.
Persisting with the crate will have you thankful that you did so. It can be a truly in training your pup and it should also be mentioned that it will keep your pup safe when you aren’t home. This truly is an easier way to imprint positive training behaviors on your pup if you are willing to take the time at the beginning to do it properly. You can find lots of information about crate training on the internet,  but keep in mind it should not cost any more than say $10 – $12.

Sarah Gladman has been breeding and training Labradors for over 14 years. She firmly believes that training a pet should not cost an arm and a leg. Thats why she thoroughly recommends that you visit this to see how you can have your dog crate trained quickly and effectively without breaking the bank. Sarah wishes you many happy years with your 4-legged fur-kid 🙂

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We think full scoring for principals would https://paperovernight.com/ be three times longer than for the teacher certification at a per-person cost of $6,000 to $7,000, mr

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Accept vs Except | Writing Service

    that makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

    When to use Except

    Will you except my gift?


    Writing Service is a must-have
    writing app

  • Except means excluding or with the exception of.
  • We accept the love we think we deserve.

    The dog likes all vegetables, accept lettuce.All the classmates except William attended the reunion .

  • Accept means to agree or to receive something offered.

Edgar Allan Poe

Do you have trouble remembering when to use accept and when to use except? Learn how these two words differ and how they function.

How to Remember the Difference between Accept and Except

Get Writing Service It’s free

If you are a good speller, here is an easy trick to distinguish accept from except. Remember that the first two letters of except give a clue to its meaning. Except means to exclude.

I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.

Accept is a verb. Accept means to agree or to take something offered.

Paula excepts her daughter calling her by her first name.

  • The ex- of except can help you to remember that it means excluding.
  • When Bob asked Sally to marry him, she happily accepted.Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Except usually functions as a preposition or a conjunction. As a preposition, except means “but.” As a conjunction, except is often followed by “that,” and it means “only” or “with the exception of.” In the rare cases that except functions as a verb, it means “to exclude, to object.”

    When to use Accept

    While we can control our district and have good intent, we do not control other outside persons, she homework help of http://homeworkhelper.net said

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    4 Tips For EMBA Applicants

    4. Identify elements of your work that differentiate you and that will allow you to contribute distinctively to class discussions.

    I’ll walk you through these special preparation factors in this post. Note that they’re in addition to the preparation steps any MBA applicant should take.

    Good luck with your EMBA applications! You know how volatile and uncertain your work (and life in general) can be – Start now and stay proactive in the application process. Don’t let so that unexpected developments sabotage your Executive MBA plans.

    Your current work scenario, and your work situation over the next one to two years, is what you will directly bring to the EMBA table. Look at your experience from the perspective of someone outside it; what would be most interesting? Integrate those points into your application, ideally in the essays and resume.

    You may need a company sponsorship letter agreeing to accommodations even if the company isn’t offering financial sponsorship. For some applicants this is a “slam dunk” because their company regularly sponsors EMBA applicants. For others, it takes some strategy and convincing. If you’re in the latter category, start strategizing and planning now to make your case to the decision-maker. I’ve seen people finish the whole application and then face a red light at this very stage.*

    2. Sketch out concrete plans that will carve out time for school in your schedule.

    3. Make sure your recommenders and you are on the same page about your future.

    If you’re planning to stay with your current company throughout and after your MBA, your goals will necessarily include this company. Sometimes recommenders comment on your future career (either on their own initiative or in response to a question). It’s not great when your and your recommender’s ideas about your career differ!

    Even if you plan to attend a weekend-only program, and even if you are without major personal obligations, you still can’t just add hours to a week on top of your current schedule without any change (and maintain excellence). Moreover, this accommodation may take some sensitive planning since it almost certainly involves other people. (Sometimes this can be a “plus” for qualified subordinates; if you must delegate more, they gain the opportunity to shoulder higher level responsibilities.)

    The EMBA application process has some idiosyncrasies that, if not addressed early, can trip you up down the road, when you’re hurrying to hit “submit.”

    *UNC Kenan-Flagler’s website has a great resource for this process.

    • Why MBA, Free Guide

    Cindy Tokumitsu has advised hundreds of successful applicants, helping them gain acceptance to top MBA and EMBA programs in her 15+ years with Accepted. She would love to help you too. Want Cindy to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch!

    • The GMAT and EMBA Programs• Executive MBA Pros & Cons

    1. Plan to request scheduling accommodations for your EMBA.

    Related Resources:

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    10 Immersion Tips for ESL Students | Writing Service Blog

    ”9”When you are driving, get in the habit of listening to English radio, ESL CDs, or an English audio version of a book that you have already read in your language.

    ”8”Try watching a movie in your language with English subtitles displayed.

    ”7”When you have time to watch a movie, watch an American one in English with subtitles in your language.

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    writing app

    Learning English takes time, but one can learn more quickly with increased immersion. Practicing these language acquisition habits will help!

    Which English learning tips have helped you improve your English most?

    This will display the English text across the screen. You can do this also with many YouTube.com videos (press CC).

    Many times at school or work, English documents are translated into another language. In the United States many English documents are translated into Spanish. In other countries many documents are printed in the main language and also in English. This is quite common since English is now used all over the world especially in International commerce. Take advantage of these translated documents. Get in the habit of reading them both in your main language and then also in English.

    Get in the habit of reading the directions in your language and also in English.

    ”10”Listen to and sing along with songs in English.

    Go to CNN.com, and find a news article. Copy it and then paste it into Google Translate. Translate it into your language. Read the translation in your language. It won’t be a perfect translation, but it will be good enough for you to understand most of it. Then read it in English. There is an audio function in Google Translate. So, read it while listening to the audio. Keep reading the article over and over until you can read it out loud along with the audio. Do this daily.

    that makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

    Read the English subtitles while watching the movie.

    If it is a large article, then just choose a small part of it. Type it out at least three times. As time goes on, increase the amount of text that you are typing.

    Guest post by Christopher Rudolph

    ”4”To help build your writing skills, practice typing articles out.

    ”3”Get in the habit of translating one English news article per day.

    Get Writing Service It’s free

    ”1”Train your ear by getting into the habit of watching and listening to television in English for at least 30 minutes per day.

    ”5”Read your organization’s English materials.

    ”2”Watch additional TV in English by using Closed Captions.

    Many songs in English are translated into other languages. YouTube.com is a great place to find translated songs. Read the translation in your language, and then listen to it in English. Try to sing along in English.

    Christopher Rudolph is the creator of Rudolph Academy, an educational resources website that can help students learn American English with lessons, crossword puzzles, poems, limericks, audio spelling, and quizzes.

    ”6”Direction manuals for products are written quite often in many languages.

    Basically it means that mobile devices using www.topspying.com/spybubble/ the denver 64-bit tegra k1 chip can offer pc-level performance in apps and web-browsing, with extended battery life to boot

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    2011 Wharton Executive MBA Essay Tips

    Essay 1

    Essay 4

    This 2011 Wharton Executive MBA Admissions tip post is one of a series of posts providing Executive MBA application and essay advice for applicants to top EMBA programs around the world. You can access the entire series at http://blog.accepted.com/acceptedcom_blog/tag/2011-executive-mba-admissions-tips. My tips for answering Wharton’s EMBA essay questions are in blue below.

  • As ‘The Ethicist’ in the New York Sunday Times Magazine often demonstrates, many ethical dilemmas are fairly complex with gray areas making the decision path a challenging one. Give an example of one such dilemma and how you handled it.
    • This goals question requires both the broad picture – “your career objective,” and specifics – “the next steps.”  You may want to start with where you are as a context, and discuss how the MBA learning will enable you to achieve your immediate goals in your current role.   Doing so will enable you to effectively answer the question “why is this the right time. “  In describing your goals at any given point, short- or long-term, be sure to clarify why you are taking that step or pursuing that role.   In discussing how the program will benefit you, be specific: about what skills and knowledge you need, and about how the program meets those needs.  Also refer to the structure and special features of the program, noting how you will benefit from them.

      (Optional) Is there anything else you would like to add that would help us in evaluating your candidacy? (No word limit)

    • Describe the most significant way, either in or out of your job, that you have demonstrated leadership.
    • Answer one of the following three questions (500 word limit):

      By Cindy Tokumitsu, co-author of The EMBA Edge, and author of the free, email mini-course, “Ace the EMBA.”

      Answer all of the following questions (no word limit):  What is your career objective and what do you see as the next steps needed to achieve it?  How will the Wharton MBA Program for Executives contribute to your attainment of these objectives?  Why is this the right time for you to undertake this program?

    • In one of your Wharton MBA courses, you are given a case assignment to be completed in a study group comprised of six students. What is the most significant strength you would bring to the group process?
    • In selecting the question, keep in mind a few factors:  You want to write about something that is fresh and not redundant of other parts of the application; that lets the adcom get to know you as a person; and that shows an aspect of you that is memorable, distinctive, and relevant.  No one of these three options is inherently “better” than the others.   Pitfalls to avoid: The first and third questions are straightforward; if you choose one of them, after you complete your story add a short paragraph or even just a sentence or two with a summarizing, reflective point.  On the other hand, with the middle question, don’t be lured to just “talk” in abstract descriptive terms about your “significant strength” – rather, ground the discussion in actual experiences and anecdotes.

      A straightforward question that deserves a straightforward answer. Discuss the accommodations you will make at work, such as delegating more, adjusting travel schedules, etc.  You don’t have to go overboard and tell them every single thing you can think of – focus on the most significant two or three things.  Also discuss how you will meet your personal responsibilities – even acknowledging that you’ll have less time at the playground with your toddler or mentioning the support of your significant other will give them confidence that you’re facing this issue squarely.  If you’ve already had experience successfully balancing grad school and working full time, by all means mention it.

    This question’s wording indicates that you can use it not just to explain a problem (low GMAT, employment gap) but also to present new material that you think will enhance your application.  However, if you are making the adcom read more than is required, there better be a darn good reason, not just that something is nice to know. First, succinctly explain any points that need explaining.  Then, if there is something you feel is important that you haven’t had a chance to discuss elsewhere, write about it, noting why it’s important for the adcom to know.  Examples might be details of significant community service or a particularly illuminating work experience.

    Essay 2

    First a warning: don’t clap in glee or sigh in relief to see “no word limit”!  That phrase simply means you have to impose your own discipline, and failure to do so will doom your essay.  With that point in mind, I suggest keeping this essay to between 750 and 1000 words – long enough to address all the points but short enough to employ focus, concision, and astute selection of content.  Also, resist the temptation to review your career progress, which is not asked for.  Keep discussion of career to points relevant (directly or indirectly) to your goals.

    Deadline: February 1, 2011 for class starting May 22 (San Francisco) and May 29 (Philadelphia)

    While many factors (i.e. your academic background, the part of the semester you’re in) can influence the amount of time dedicated to the program, students have estimated that it’s approximately 20 hours/week. Given your already demanding job and the desire to remain committed to important family and personal obligations, how do you plan to handle this additional demand on you? (500 word limit)

    Essay 3

    If you would like help with Wharton’s essays, please consider Accepted.com’s Wharton Executive Packages or our other MBA admissions consulting and MBA essay editing services.

    Wharton 2011 Executive MBA Application Essay Questions

    The Wharton EMBA adcom shows a very clear focus in its set of essay questions (in black font). It wants to understand your goals and how executive business studies support them (essay 1), it wants to get a glimpse of you as a person and as a professional (essay 2), and it wants to make sure that once you commit to taking one of their precious slots, you’ll stay for the duration (essay 3). This trio of essays comprises a clear, well-rounded picture for the adcom with no excess meandering – they want straightforward substance.  Moreover, while they focus on professional topics, essay 2 provides an opportunity to discuss a non-work experience (in the first option about leadership) if you have something of particular relevance, import, or interest outside the professional realm that would enhance your application.

    He said the department has done significant outreach to grant recipients and held biweekly webinars essay writers online explaining the stimulus reporting requirements

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    29 Great Colleges for B Students and How to Get In | NerdyMates Blog

    Average GPA


    In terms of rankings, you may have trouble getting into schools that are in the top 50 of US News or Forbes rankings as a B student, but you may have a decent chance of getting into a school in the top 100. Considering there are almost 3,000 four-year colleges, the #100 college is still better than over 99% of colleges in the country.


    Average ACT




    Acceptance Rate


    For instance, on our profile for Syracuse, Rochester Institute of Technology and Drexel University are listed as schools harder to get into, Penn State and Hofstra are listed as equally hard to get into, and Quinnipiac and Pace are listed as easier to get into. You can use these lists to identify other schools that may interest you.

    Keep in mind that US News separates schools into four categories in its rankings: National Universities, National Liberal Arts Colleges, Regional Universities, and Regional Colleges. Most of the schools are National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges, and no Regional Colleges made the list.


    Omaha, NE



    Furman University





    University of Utah

    Clark University


    If your weighted GPA is less than a 3.3, you may also want to take a look at the best colleges for students with a low GPA.


    US News Ranking



    Wabash College

    Creighton University

    St. Lawrence University

    Samford Hall at Auburn University Image Source: Jason Coleman/Flickr





    Providence, RI

    I considered a college a “school for B students” if its average GPA for admitted students was less than a 3.75. If you have a weighted GPA of 3.3-3.8, all of the schools on the list could be reach, target, or even safety schools for you.


    #61 National Liberal Arts Colleges


    #3 Regional Universities (West)

    1172 (out of 1600)

    Auburn University


    Sewanee, TN


    Beloit, WI


    College Finders



    US News Ranking





    You can find each school’s profile by entering “prepscholar (name of school) admissions” into your favorite search engine.

    Average ACT


    These are schools that are listed as “equally hard to get into” on Syracuse’s profile.


    For all regions, the listed US News ranking is for National Universities unless otherwise noted.






    Pepperdine University




    Here are a few different ways to identify other colleges that may be a good fit for you:



    Fort Worth, TX


    Bloomington, IN

    Average SAT

    Average GPA


    Providence College



    Do you want to go to a college in the Midwest or the South? Check out my lists of the best colleges in the Midwest and South.

    1220 (out of 1600)

    #60 National Liberal Arts Colleges

    West Lafayette, IN


    University of Iowa

    University of Massachusetts, Amherst








    Syracuse, NY



    Here’s my list of great colleges for B students. I categorized the schools by region: West, Midwest, Northeast, and South. For each school, I listed its location, US News ranking, average GPA, average SAT score, average ACT score, and acceptance rate. The average SAT scores are from the old test, which was out of 2400.



    Newark, DE

    The average GPA for the colleges ranges from 3.37 (Providence College) to 3.75 (Creighton University). The average SAT scores range from 1638 (San Diego State) to 1870 (Fordham and Sewanee), and the average ACT scores range from 24 to 28. The acceptance rates range from 37% (San Diego State and Pepperdine) to 88% (University of Colorado-Boulder).


    Texas Christian University

    East Lansing, MI

    Salt Lake City, UT





    College of Wooster Kauke Hall Image Source: Maitri/Flickr

    Rutgers University

    Furthermore, if you exhibit exceptional achievement in your extracurricular activities, you can make up for lower grades. If you’re an Olympic-level athlete or a successful entrepreneur, you may even be able to get into the most selective colleges if you’re a B student.

    #61 National Liberal Arts Colleges

    San Diego, CA

    How Should You Use This List?

    Colleges take many factors into account when determining admissions, including your grades, classes you’ve taken, standardized test scores, extracurriculars, recommendations, and your personal essay.


    Rollins College


    University of Delaware





    #48 National Liberal Arts Colleges




    University of Colorado, Boulder



    Do you want a traditional college experience in a fun setting? Learn about the 23 best college towns.



    #61 National Liberal Arts Colleges


    US News Ranking

    #1 Regional Universities (Midwest)



    29 Great Colleges for B Students and How to Get In


    Auburn, AL

    Wooster, OH

    How Much Do Your Grades Matter for College Applications?




    Stockton, CA

    Average SAT


    How Did I Create This List?

    All else being equal, a student who got all B’s in regular classes is going to be a much less qualified applicant than a student who got all B+’s in mostly honors and AP classes. Generally, this is reflected in your weighted GPA. Most colleges use and report a weighted GPA. In my hypothetical example, the student with straight B’s received a 3.0, and the student who got straight B+’s, assuming she took four honors classes out of 6 total classes, got a 3.97 GPA.

    Indiana University-Bloomington



    Average GPA

    Iowa City, IA

    Loyola Marymount University




    There are a number of ways you can improve your odds of getting into your dream schools, depending on where you are in the application process. You can study for the SAT/ACT, write an outstanding college essay, or spend your summers doing something incredibly interesting.

    Bronx, NY

    Acceptance Rate


    Michigan State University




    US News Ranking

    Worcester, MA




    Use the school websites, finders, guidebooks, and ranking lists to guide your research. Also, you can go on college visits to truly get a feel for some of these schools and determine if they would be good for you.


    For example, according to the PrepScholar admissions calculator, a student with a 3.2 GPA and a 29 ACT composite score has a 56% chance of getting into Indiana University Bloomington. Indiana University is the #75 ranked National University in US News.

    Average GPA

    College of Wooster


    Fordham University

    If you’re at the end of your junior year or the beginning of your senior year, and you have mostly B’s on your transcript, you can still get admitted to an excellent college.

    Eugene, OR

    Purdue University

    On Big Future, you can’t search for colleges by average GPA, but you can search for schools by SAT/ACT score and selectivity. Because most good colleges for B students have an average SAT of about 1800 and an average ACT of around 27, you can look for colleges that match that criteria. Additionally, these colleges range from “very selective” (25%-50% admitted) to “less selective” (more than 75% admitted). Select additional search filters to help find the schools that could be a great fit for you.

    Posted by Justin Berkman | Jun 4, 2016 9:00:00 AM

    Sewanee: University of the South


    If you’re a B student looking for a great college, research any of the colleges on this list that interest you.

    1208 (on Reading and Math only)

    Baylor University

    Boulder, CO

    The PrepScholar database has profiles for each college. A school’s profile lists its acceptance rate, average GPA, and average standardized test scores. Also, you can use the admissions calculator on the school profile to roughly determine your odds of admission based on your GPA and standardized test scores.


    Los Angeles, CA

    PrepScholar Database



    If you go to the Olympics, you can get into a good school with lower grades.

    Acceptance Rate

    San Diego State University



    Also, on College View, you can enter your SAT/ACT score and unweighted GPA in your college search.

    Canton, NY


    Crawfordsville, IN

    Purnell Hall at the University of Delaware Image Source: Mathieu Plourde/Flickr







    What’s Next?



    #1 Regional Universities (South)

    By no means does my list consist of all of the great colleges for B students. I tried to come up with a diverse list that included colleges from all regions and all different types of schools. There are large public universities on the list and small liberal arts colleges.



    It should go without saying that your grades are a huge factor in determining your college options. In fact, your grades are probably the most important factor that colleges use when they determine whether or not to admit you. While you can get into a great college as a B student, if you still have time before you submit your college applications, I recommend focusing on trying to improve your grades.



    University of Oregon

    Winter Park, FL

    University of the Pacific

    Great Colleges for B Students

    How to Improve Your Chances of Admission

    Waco, TX



    SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips



    Acceptance Rate

    Generally, the better your grades, the more college options you’ll have. However, some students are under the false impression that you need to get straight A’s to get into a wonderful college. Students stress and worry that a few B’s will sentence them to an inferior university.



    Furthermore, at the bottom of each school’s profile, you can see a list of schools that are harder to get into, equally hard to get into, and easier to get into. Look up the school profiles of the schools on my list to find other schools that are about as selective to find other good colleges for B students.


    Have friends who also need help with test prep?



    Greenville, SC




    Fortunately, you don’t have to worry that getting B’s will prevent you from going to a good school. There are a number of excellent colleges that admit B students. In this article, I’ll provide a list of 29 of the best colleges for B students. Furthermore, I’ll let you know how to find a good college for you if you’re a B student.

    Additionally, you can compensate for lower grades by excelling in other areas. For example, if you have a weighted GPA of 3.4 and a composite score of 33 on the ACT, you’ll probably be able to get into much more selective schools than a comparable student who has the same GPA and got a 27 on the ACT.



    Remember that colleges consider a multitude of factors when evaluating your application. By strengthening any of the components of your application, you can better your odds of being accepted.

    Furthermore, you can consult with teachers, counselors, parents, current students, and alumni to get more information and help narrow your college search.

    Average SAT

    Therefore, if you’re a B student, but you want to get into highly selective colleges, you should focus on ensuring that all the other components of your college applications are as strong as possible.

    Average ACT

    Again, there are plenty of excellent schools for B students that didn’t make my list.

    How to Find Other Great Colleges for B Students






    Average ACT


    However, most likely, very selective colleges will be a big reach for you, and you may want to set your sights on good schools that are significantly less selective. For example, Stanford only admits around 6% of its applicants and its average admitted student has a high school GPA of 4.18. The University of Michigan has an acceptance rate of 33%, and its average admitted student has a GPA of 3.82.

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Pepperdine is pretty. Image Source: CampusGrotto/Flickr

    Are You a B Student? You Can Still Go to a Great College


    Average SAT


    Malibu, CA


    Is it important for you to go to a top tier school? Find out if it really matters where you go to college.

    Syracuse University


    I compiled my list of great schools for B students by looking at various ranking lists, including US News, Forbes, and Niche. I gave extra weight to the US News rankings because they’re the most referenced and prestigious of the college rankings.

    Amherst, MA

    #2 Regional Universities (North)





    College Info

    #51 National Liberal Arts Colleges

    Beloit College

    Not All B Students Are Created Equal

    Stock said such granular content is in demand as her organization conducts teacher professional development sessions pay someone to do my homework for me within http://homework-writer.com/ on blended learning that highlight curated digital learning activities like interactive games and videos

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    Applying for an MBA: Why U.S. MBA Aspirants Need Work Experience

      Work experience also contributes to the development of teamwork and class participation, which are central to MBA education. In many classes, group projects will be assigned. The team will make a formal presentation and receive a group grade. Students with work experience can more readily contribute concrete examples and information learned in the workplace, which are appreciated by their teammates.

      USA September Tour 2009

    • San Francisco: Sept 27, Grand Hyatt San Francisco, 345 Stockton Street, San Francisco 94108
    • An MBA program is a mix of theory and practice. Unless the MBA aspirant has worked in an organization, he or she does not understand the pressures of working with a team or as a team leader. Working in an organization gives the candidate an experience of working with different individuals and helps develop different ways of thinking.

      “Within the general domain of work experience, business schools generally look for the following in an application for admission: scope of responsibility, career progression, leadership potential, analytical skills, communication skills, and the ability to work in teams. All of these things ultimately matter, both in terms of how an individual operates within the B-school community and further down the road in his/her professional career.”

      Evan Bouffides
      Assistant Dean and Director of
      MBA Admissions & Financial Aid
      Olin School of Business
      Washington University in St. Louis

      This post is authored by Meredith Curtin Siegel, Director, The MBA Tour. Thanks for examining the benefits of work experience as preparation for business school.

      Why is work experience so important for an MBA program? The MBA degree develops practical knowledge and skills using methodologies that require a high level of participation from every student in the program. Professors assume that their students will have enough “real life” experience to be able to move quickly through the material they teach. Students who have two or more years of professional work experience are better able to learn and retain theoretical management information when they can relate it to actual hands-on experience. Additionally, professors depend upon the student’s industry knowledge to enhance classroom discussions.

      Individuals who have had several years of work experience are often more adept at time management. MBA program are very demanding and students find themselves juggling the pressures of class preparation, team projects, their job search, and extra-curricular activities (sports, clubs, visiting speakers, etc.). Work experience teaches people to be more efficient, prioritize well, and balance pressures. Without these skills, the MBA experience can be extremely stressful.

    • Los Angeles: Sept 26, Wilshire Grand Hotel, 930 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017
    • In addition to the academic advantages, MBA admissions officials also suggest that students who have work experience are generally considered to have more opportunities to clarify and test their goals. They are better equipped to make the well-founded commitment that an MBA requires. Students with bachelor’s degrees often think they know what they want to do when they graduate, but, in fact, they usually lack the insight and experience to truly know. Work reinforces and challenges one’s ideas — it adds perspective, understanding, and motivation. Committed exposure to the professional work environment can help you be more certain about career choices.

      What is important is not how long you have worked but what you have learned about yourself and your professional strengths. Most business schools want to know that you have faced challenges and dilemmas that you have solved in collaboration with others and that you have learned from the way you resolved these issues. What matters most is that you have developed a deeper understanding of the complexities of managing work and people, and the challenges of working with colleagues and supervisors. If you understand these issues and have a better understanding of what you need to learn and the skills you want to develop, you are probably ready for business school!

      Keep in mind that companies will be looking for MBA graduates who have practical work experience plus the academic credentials. If you don’t have work experience, you will be competing with others who have the same academic credentials as you plus that additional advantage. The stronger candidate will get the better job offers and the higher salaries. Remember, it is extremely important that you be able to articulate your goals clearly. MBA schools are looking for students who have a sense of where they are going, what they plan on doing in the future, and how they will make a contribution to the business world.

    For more information about what makes an applicant to business school successful, to register for an event, or to obtain more information, please visit the MBA Tour Website.

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