Dog Training Tips That Work

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If you own a dog, you probably already know this: Dogs want to be trained. They want to please their master and through training they learn how to do this. So, the first step in dog training is to realize that it is a win-win situation; both you and the dog will be better off. (For more information, please see Charlie LaFave’s Dog Training Secrets.)

Whether or not your dog is on the top ten list of the smartest, he or she can be trained. Let’s discuss some basic principles in training your dog. First, dogs may not understand English, but they do understand rewards. A wise dog trainer will use a reward system that will teach the dog what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior. This means rewarding good behavior and not rewarding bad behavior. A withheld reward teaches also.
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Dogs must be trained with clarity and consistency. Clarity means that the command you want him to obey is clear and the same each time. Be as simple with a dog as you would be with a baby. For example, if you want the dog to heal, use that word each time. Perhaps at first accompany it with a pat on your leg or a shortening of the leash until he gets the idea. Then wean him so that he responds only to the word.

Consistency, say the best books on dog training, carries the idea that reward and conduct must be predictable. If the dog does what you say, then he gets some type of reward. If he does not, then he loses the reward, every time. If you are serious about training one day, and the next day it is all play and no expectation, then the dog will be confused and the time needed to train him extended.

For proper training, be sure that the dog’s basic needs are met. For example, if the dog is overdue for a bladder emptying and he is not allowed outside, don’t punish him for wetting the carpet. If the dog is starved, it may not be time to train him to roll over. Basic needs for a dog would include food, water, exercise, acceptance, and safety.

Training involves a regular schedule. Daily training for five or six days a week is better than trying to teach him whenever you get around to it. Also, keep the training sessions to a reasonable length. Most recommend 15-20 minutes at a time of concentrated training. Each session would involve one focus though review is in order as well.
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Be patient. The intelligence of your dog is far below yours. Repeat the command over and over until he gets it. But don’t expect too much of him.

Practice these religiously. No matter what trick your dog needs to learn, the training will demand that you follow these points. It will result in both you and the dog being pleased with the result.

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