Basic Puppy Training

How to train a Boston Terrier.

To train any animaal successfully, one must know all there is to know about that animal. Let us see what there is to learn about the Boston Terrier breed of dog.

About the Boston Terrier - Country of Origin, History of the breed.

Boston Terrier Dogs	The Boston Terrier originates in the United States of America, and has been around since the year 1870, when a man named Robert C. Hooper bought a dog named ‘Hooper’s Judge’. The dog Hooper’s Judge was actually a cross between an English Bulldog and an English White Terrier. Over time the breed was bred down in size and finally in 1893 the Boston Terrier breed gained recognition by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

In the year 1889, a group of thirty god owners from the Boston area started the American Bull Terrier Club. Dogs known as "Round Heads" or "Bull Terriers" were bred and exhibited by these people. This resulted in Bull Terrier breeders objecting that the crosses exhibited were not Terriers and Bulldog breeders objecting that they they were not BulldogsBoston Terrier either. In 1891 the name was changed to the Boston Terrier Club of America, (BTCA) and a standard for the Boston Terrier breed was written. In 1893 the breed was accepted by the AKC. By 1915 the Boston Terrier breed became stabilized and had become the most popular in the country. They were number one in registrations in 1919, 1920 and 1930. The Breed remained in the Top Ten until 1960, but have slipped steadily since that time. This Breed has become refined and standardized, as this intelligent and spunky little dog is a fitting representative of the spirit of independence from Boston Commons.

Personality of a Boston Terrier.

Temperament of a Boston Terrier.

A Boston Terrier DogThe Boston Terrier breed was originally bred for fighting, but with the passage of time the dog has since been bred down to more of a companion dog. Today the Boston Terrier breed is gentle, well-mannered and alert, while most dogs still tend to have a few of the spunky Terrier characteristics. The main advantage of the breed is that the dogs are fairly quiet animals and do not bark unless it is necessary. The Boston Terrier loves being around people and it quite a cuddly breed of dog, while there are some animals which prefer to be independent.

Boston Terriers do have a sense of humor and they can be fairly enthusiastic and occasionally rambunctious. These dogs make good watchdogs though surprisingly they are actually good with strangers. Naturally quiet dogs, the female of the breed have been reported not bark at all, hence if you are looking for a watchdog, a male Boston Terrier would be your best choice. Generally a gentle breed, the Boston Terrier can be protective of their families and are extremely loyal. The Boston Terrier is one of the best family pets to own

How to take care of the Boston Terrier Puppies?

A Boston Terrier	 Puppy When you first purchase a Boston Terrier pup it is essential that you feed it on a very regular basis, just small meals throughout the day. Make sure it as a good quality food and try and keep the diet consistent. Changing the diet of a Boston Terrier puppy too much will cause the dog to develop an upset stomach. All puppies need rest and quiet time in order to allow them to properly settle and grow. It is also important to socialize your puppy from an early age as some male dogs have a tendency to fight. The breeds like all small dogs should not be overfed. It is always tter to feed around three small meals a day and the food should be a mixture of dry biscuits and meat.


How do I train my Boston Terrier.

Having learnt about a Boston Terrier, it is now time to learn how to train your four legged friend. Please click on the images of any of the Boston Terrier Puppies above, or on the image below to be taken to Logo of where you will not only learn how to train you Boston Terrier, but learn all there is to know about the Boston Terrier breed of dog

How to train my Boston Terrier


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