Basic Puppy Training

How to train a Pomeranian

To train any animaal successfully, one must know all there is to know about that animal. Let us see what there is to learn about the Pomeranian breed of dog.

About the Pomeranian - Country of Origin, History of the breed.

The Pomeranian belongs to the Spitz family, which originated from the Prussian province of "Pomerania". Herding instincts being one of their strong traits the Pomeranian were widely used as shepherd dogs.

The Pomeranian breed was mainly owned by families eminent royalty all across the Europe continent and was made popular in the 18th century, in England by Queen Victoria herself who opened a Kennel club to breed her Pomeranian. In the passage of time the Pomeranian was bred down in size and eventually became very popular as a Show dog.


A General Description of the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is a small built, fluffy dog, with features more like a fox, many of them having pansy faces. The Pomeranian breed of dog have small pointed and erect ears, wedge-shaped heads, very appealing big and expressive almond shaped eyes. Pomeranians have noses that are either dark or the same color of their coat. They have a thick, bushy tail.

The Pomeranian Coat

A little Pomeranian dogThe Coat of a Pomeranina dog comes in an appealing variety of colors, such as: (1)Black, (2) Black & Tan, (3) Blue, (4) Blue & Tan, (4) Chocolate, (5) Chocolate & Tan, (6)Cream, (7) Cream Sable, (8) Orange, (9) Orange Sable, (10) Red, (11) Red Sable, (12) Beaver, (13) Brindle, (14) Chocolate Sable, (15) White, (16) Wolf Sable, and (17) Sable.

Most Pomeranians that have 2 or more colors (usually most of it white alongside others) are also recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and these are said to have a "Parti-Color". The AKC also recognizes five "alternative" colors.

Pomeranians have two coats, a top coat which is soft and thick and an undercoat which is coarse, straight and firm, and shed often.

Pomeranian Height and Weight.

The Pomeranian being a small breed grow to a standard height:

All adult males : between 7 and 12 inches tall, and a weight between 3 and 7 lbs.
All adult females : between 7 and 12 inches tall, and a weight between 3 and 7 lbs.

Personality of a Pomeranian.

Temperament of a Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is a bold, fiery,courageous, and very active breed of dog. Being intelligent creatures, these small dogs are always ready to learn. Extremely devoted to their owners, they are definitely not friendly towards strangers and are given to non-stop barking. Controlling unabated barking through consistent training is a necessity. Being alert dogs, owners can train and use them as watchdogs. Owners of a Pomeranian dog should always exercise control over them because they are demanding and bossy. This breed of dog tends to become snappy as they grow older.

Since Pomeranians love and crave company, it is advisable for owners of this breed of dog to provide them with another Pomeranian companion.

Pomeranians are friendly to other dogs and pets in the same household, but are likely to intimidate larger dogs in their locale if that larger dog makes them feel threatened for some reason or other. Usually very good with children, they are good companions for the elderly. Pomeranians are often regarded as toys by some children, who might even end up harming them. Teasing makes a Pomeranian very snappy.

Suited to an indoor lifestyle, Pomeranians are very active indoors and are very suitable for the apartment lifestyle, making it OK for households without yards to have these dogs.

How to take care of the Pomeranian Puppies?

The lack of a fully developed immune system makes it imperative that we give Pomeranians puppies lots of care. They should be give only high quality food, free of preservatives. Vaccination and de- worming is a must. Pomeranian puppies should be provided them with spacious crates and chewable toys. You can also restrict their movement of Pomeranian puppies with baby gates. Treat them like little children and keep all harmful chemicals and electrical chords should be kept out of reach.

While feeding a Pomeranian puppy, it must be remembered that spicy food should never be fed to them, since these can make them really sick. They must be fed pieces of liver and dry canned food which would be good for their health. Giving them chew sticks would make their teeth strong. Remember, Pomeranian puppies are susceptible to hypoglycemia and may often require doses of nutri-cal to maintain proper sugar levels.


How do I train my Pomeranian.

Having learnt about a Pomeranian, it is now time to learn how to train your four legged friend. Please click on the images of any of the Pomeranian Puppies above, or on the image below to be taken to  Logo of where you will not only learn how to train you Pomeranian, but learn all there is to know about the Pomeranian breed of dog

How to train my pomeranian


Knowledge is everything. The more you know about your Pomeranian friend the better. There is no other way to do that other than books on the Pomeranian breed of dog, which has the best, a sample is displayed below:


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