Crate Coaching Puppies – 3 Important Ideas All Owners Ought To Know, However Most Don’t


If you looking information about Crate Training Puppies , then you should check out this one.Now that you’ve purchased that furry, little bundle of pleasure dwelling, there’s a lot to contemplate as a new pet owner – vaccinations, meals, selecting a special name. After which, there may be the burglary! In my opinion, not only is crate coaching the perfect option to teach your pet some nice home-habits, it additionally serves to keep your puppy, and your precious possessions, safe and sound while you’re not at home.

Crate coaching puppies is a wonderful thought for so many reasons. It permits you to provide a protected refuge that your pet can retreat to when he needs to escape the noisy world round him and is infinitely extra preferable than relegating your puppy to the yard if you are out. If you want to get your relationship along with your new pet off to a implausible start and ‘by-go’ a lot of frustration, then it’s worthwhile to read the following…

3 Very important Tips for Crate Coaching Puppies!

1. Crate Training Puppies is Not Cruel

Typically, when the topic of crate training puppies is mentioned, many peoples’ initial reaction is to decry the inhuman treatment of protecting an animal ‘penned up’ in a cage. In all reality, though, crate training offers your puppy with a pure den that they often really feel snug in. Within the wild, a mother coyote or wolf will prepare a safe den for her new born litter and far of the children formative years will probably be spent around this protected haven. If completed appropriately, crate training puppies serves to mimic what nature can’t provide in your household…it gives your new arrival a place they will retreat to and call their own.

If you’re away from dwelling or have gone on a trip along with your canine, the crate can be a wonderful device to have because it helps assure that each your own home or automobile, and your puppy keep protected and sound. What crate coaching just isn’t, is preserving your dog confined to it’s cage for 12 hours a day with full disregard to its most elementary needs. Neglect, is abandoning you puppy or relegating him to the yard to probably be stolen, eat one thing noxious or be vulnerable to nasty weather. Crate training is, in brief, the precise reverse!

2. Crate Coaching Puppies…Goes Hand-in-Hand With Burglary!

Forget those fiddly pet training pads and other house-training objects that may truly hinder your long run house-breaking efforts! For many years, countless breeders, trainers, animal shelters, and accountable house owners have been crate training puppies with super success and have been using it as a wonderful technique to instil good home-habits.

So why does crate coaching puppies work so nicely? Briefly, when executed properly, crate coaching mimics nature as a puppy will instinctively try to delay soiling it is resting place. If left to wander the house, eventually your pet will find a quiet room to alleviate himself in. If crated, your pet will at least try to wait till he has an opportunity to depart his den earlier than relieving himself.

This doesn’t imply you should just lock your pet in his crate for extended periods and count on him to “hold it.” For crate coaching to be a success, it will be significant your pet be allowed out every hour-straight from the crate to the backyard, especially in the course of the first few months of your pet’s life. Another nice good thing about crate training puppies is that if they do ‘go away a multitude’ in their crate it tends to be so much easier to wash than, say, a French carpet or that favourite shirt you ‘now regret leaving’ on the ground!

3. Crate Coaching Puppies – It’s for Life!

Many individuals who observe crate training puppies have discovered the method to be such a handy tool that they proceed with it all through the dog’s life. If your dog is raised with a crate he’ll quickly view it as his ‘protected haven’ and will happily use it every time it’s obtainable to him.

Many fully-grown canines proceed to nap in their crate (doors ajar) at night time, and a few canine house owners nonetheless crate their canine after they head out for a night or take a brief trip. However, the benefits of crate coaching puppies just isn’t only confined to temporary trips…crate coaching additionally offers peace-of-thoughts when travelling together with your canine on longer journeys as most crate trained puppies travel extremely well (and safely) by airplane or automobile if they’re securely in their crates. Most canines would a lot reasonably be of their crate, a house they contemplate their own, with a couple of acquainted toys and a cosy blanket than they might be out in the garden, exposed to the elements and left to fend for themselves.

Occasionally, I’m asked how long I would leave a dog in their crate. Generally talking, I would suggest taking your canine out at least every 3 hours so they can relieve themselves but if you end up having to crate your pet for longer intervals, have a chat with a your family, a pal or neighbour and ask if they’ll ‘pop over’ and take your canine for a short walk.

As I’m certain you realise by now, crate coaching puppies includes a fantastic deal more than just leaving your dog in a cage and calling it “crate training”. When finished correctly, not solely does crate training mimics nature by providing your dog with a much cherished ‘safety blanket’, nevertheless it additionally preserves your private home’s ‘sanity’ and is a very effective option to increase a well adjusted canine with very little effort. Click Here to find more about dog obedience training  See our expert review about Crate Training Puppies  for more depth overview.



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How To Diagnose And Treat Dog Arthritis

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Most of us would like to agree to this quote if you have had dog as a pet at home. Dogs like human are prone to arthritis. If you have seen dogs who are limping or moves as if his joints are giving him severe pain, it could be one case of canine arthritis. Usual first aid given by people to arthritis in dogs is Aspirin for dogs. But the first and best thing to be done is consulting your dog to a vet.There are lots of factors that can be associated with canine arthritis. The most common reasons are as follows:

* Dog arthritis is not far from human arthritis when it comes to definition and description. During the course of the life span the joints will suffer from wear and tear. In extreme cases the bones could start degenerating and cause osteoarthritis. This can be a agonizing and distressing for your pet. This could even cause their death if correct therapy and care is not provided to them. Another dog arthritis medication commonly prescribed is Etodolac 400 mg.

* One more main reason is the age. A common myth is that as canines grow older they are more inclined to arthritis. In truth, canines of any age can endure from arthritis. Without a doubt the older dogs are far more inclined to arthritis and associated illnesses; nevertheless that does not mean that younger ones are completely immune from it. Younger dogs could possibly develop canine arthritis if they have prolonged a joint injury.

* And for the last, infections and diseases can also cause arthritis in dogs. Hip dysplasia is a canine disease that results to limping. It can also develop into arthritis as the dog ages..

The remedies

Responsible pet care implies immediate consultation with a veterinarian if you notice some unusual changes in your dog that showed as symptoms. Physical examination followed by x rays and analysis of joint fluids help to diagnose the problem.

The treatment of canine arthritis can be done in following ways.

• A healthy diet and properly ordered exercise regime under the supervision of the vet assists in long term management of arthritis in dogs.

• It is important to have the dog’s weight under control. Suggested physical exercise consist of leash walking, mild controlled jogging and aqua exercises like swimming, below water treadmill etc.

• You can also consider alternative treatments like acupuncture.

• Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs wealthy in glucosamine, vitamin C, Omega 3 and fatty acids aid to minimize the discomfort and swelling. This can be blended with some over the counter medication. But be careful while offering medicines to your canine. Numerous medicines meant for humans are poisonous to dogs.

• A more costly option is to go for surgical treatment. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to help combat the illness in shoulders, elbows and so on. Damaged joints could be fused with each other making use of metal implants. The newest technology as well allows for elbow and hip replacements. On the other hand, the age and the general wellness of your canine might not allow surgical procedures.

Therefore ensure a healthy lifestyle for your dog and in case they suffer from arthritis seek a vet’s advice. Caring for a dog differs based on the pets’ age. Secrets to Dog Training review is beneficial for pups and youthful dogs. But with older canines, canine arthritis and wellness issues must be taken into consideration.

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Clicker Dog Instruction Guidelines

In fact, it is vital not to pair punishment with clicker coaching. Although animals will learn to carry out behaviors when punished, what they are actually accomplishing is figuring out to stay away from discomfort. If you pair clicker education with aggressive aged school approaches, you will be teaching your canine to anticipate soreness every time he hears the clicker. And in time, he will do every thing in his strength to avoid being close to you. So keep in mind to keep your focus on the beneficial.


Timing is essential. The approach starts with teaching your dog to affiliate the deal with (reinforcing the beneficial) with the sound of the clicker. From there, you need to see for the habits you want from the dog (for instance, to sit), then click on at the exact second that the puppy sits, then add the cure. The sound of the clicker marks the habits you want from the dog, and he then knows precisely what he did suitable in order to earn his reward. Are you interested in learning more about puppy obedience training? There are many dog training tips available online if you do your research.


Effective Canine Coaching For Obedience


Puppy instruction for obedience is a constant process. Dog obedience instruction for obedience is in essence a plan that involves active involvement of both equally the owner and the dog. The total dog coaching teaches them how to communicate with each and every other appropriately. In situation you do not know, canine schooling for obedience is important to creating a strong and near romance with your puppy. To realize that, house education your puppy is the most helpful and quickest way to speed up the canine education for obedience of your canine.


Correct puppy training for obedience is constructed on the principle of appropriate and strict reinforcement of self-discipline. Canines are normally social creatures and are in a position to stay in packs. As these kinds of, they are not loners and they are inclined to conform to social hierarchy or authority inside of the pack of dogs. Similarly, given that of this, they are ready to hear and obey your commands. But puppy obedience teaching is helpful and a lot easier for you if you know what you are accomplishing. Otherwise, a great deal of instances, your puppy coaching efforts end up futile and counter-productive.


Daniel Stevens Strategies to Puppy Training Overview


What is this dog schooling strategy? Secrets to Canine Instruction features an atypically spelled out and exhaustive examination of how you can equally stop and resolve the additional regular challenge behaviors demonstrated by canines. I’ve looked on the World wide web hoping to discover resources to enable me with my very own sometime mischievous pup, and I’m impressed with the wisdom, practicality, and advice this internet book delivers.


And not just this, but the info on the market is seriously (shocking) reliable, and this is not common for this format. It’s definitely true, this e-book is a completely new idea. In this book “Techniques to Dog Instruction,” author and renowned dog trainer Daniel Stevens presents a vast prosperity of information that he has personally utilised to train some troublesome canines in his own intensive vocation at a trainer. Dog proprietors can also download a three minute video that presents no-nonsense solutions to regular puppy habits issues.


Puppy Education Information to Arrive


Are you nervous about the terrible conduct of your beloved puppy? Has he ruined all of your yard and lawn into a battlefield? Are you upset simply because your puppy chewed the legs of the table considering it a big chewing toy? If your solution is sure then we welcome you right here mainly because you just have come to the right put.


In this guide I am going to instruct the owners some dog schooling recommendation so come along for good strategies that can guide you to teach your dog superior lessons.


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Adequate Correction For Dog Education

You have to correct your puppy the proper way or you will do far more hurt than excellent. We use corrections to switch a dog’s conduct. A correction requirements to talk to your canine it has not done what you wished, by figuring out what not to do, dogs will promptly understand the behaviors we need to educate them to fit into our day by day existence. Are you interested in learning more about puppy obedience training? There are many dog training tips available online if you do your research.


A correction brings together physical or (ideally) emotional soreness with the phrase “NO.” The preferred strategy of correcting your canine is with a squirt bottle: a speedy squirt to the deal with and a loud firm “NO.” It is critical you squirt the canine in the experience or they will not even recognize. With numerous canines you will want to add a smallish volume of mouthwash or vinegar to the drinking water in the squirt bottle (just a modest volume) so the drinking water is a very little a lot more of a deterrent. You need to only add a teaspoon for a whole squirt bottle and even much less for more compact squirt guns.


Understanding The Reward and Punishment Program for Dog Training


There are several approaches of coaching a puppy and in executing so, there are specific items and tactics that you should usually don’t forget.


Knowing the approaches for canine instruction is pretty beneficial while some of it can bear unfavorable results. It is normal to get unique manners and views about dog schooling, so it is pretty difficult to tell what ideal functions.


My Puppy Coaching Years


An individual curiosity I continually had was instruction canines with or with no behavioural troubles. When I was a infant in arms my relatives generally had a comparatively significant canine. Maybe it just seemed like that simply because I was so small again then. From time to time our canines had behavioural troubles this kind of as extreme barking, jumping up and operating wild. The first I don’t forget was Floss, a sheepdog who was a truly thrilling fellow without a doubt. He was predominantly white with some black and tan highlights thrown in for distraction.


Anyway when I was eleven years aged and was on summertime trip from college the full spouse and children went to my Mother’s household spot in rural Ireland for a the summertime months. 1 day whereas on my normal rounds approximately the neighborhood city traveling to cousins good friends and acquaintances didn’t I hear the barking of what I found to be a charming dog. He was an Irish red setter. Wow, I imagined, I would love that good seeking dog. His identify was Bruno and was owned by the nearby police sergeant. To my utter surprise it turned out that sergeant Lowery was prepared to offer the barking puppy and inside thirty minutes of spotting the pretty canine I had organized to invest in him for 6 lbs. My to start with ever severe purchase. Wow, I was delighted.


Canine Education Tools That Practically Every single Proprietor Demands


Leash is a single of the resources, which essentially each operator has and makes use of on a everyday foundation and you could use it to train you puppy how to behave appropriately while in walks, to make corrections, and to achieve increased manage about your dog. Implementing a plain leash is suitable for just about all environments, but a retractable a person is especially suited if you stroll your canine in large open spaces such as parks.


The dog color can be made use of for identification, but for management as well and there are selection of instruction collars offered. You need to take the time to understand the variations between slip, flat, prong, shock, martingale, flotation, and wolf shades in buy to decide on the 1 that your canine would advantage the most from. The slip, also recognised as choke collars are suitable for earning a rapid correction, the martingale collars are best for precise breeds that slip out of frequent collars quickly, and prong collars are developed to discourage the canine from pulling. If you are uncertain which variety to acquire, you can pay a visit to a local supplies’ retailer and ask the owner for assistance or get online and publish your query on the many different discussion boards and interest groups.


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Getting Good Results Out Of Dog Training Collars

Rehabilitate Your Dog’s Unacceptable Behavior with a Dog Obedience Training Collar

You can see a large amount of positive reviews when you scan the web about this dog training collar.

You may see comments per the new techniques in canine obedience training being advocated by training professionals.

Right now, there are 2 methods to make a dog follow your commands:

  1. One is by the use of force which is generally not productive.
  2. The other is thru positive strengthening which is using treats and praises at different times.

More owners opt for the second technique since punishment may cause fear in the dog and lead to aggressiveness or even more major problems. The reality is reprimand as a sort of training strategy is not particularly impressive because the dog wants to learn correct behaviour more than it has to know unfit behaviour.

Effective Ways to Teach the Dog

Using positive canine training and the electrical dog collar could be the handiest way to educate your pet. It is relatively basic and can be characterized as disregarding bad traits and rewarding good manners.

There are a few examples whereby you should give no attention to misbehaving animals. This doesn’t make an application for all circumstances but in cases of training in whimpering, barking and begging is concerned, it is deemed effective to just ignore these conditions.

Upsetting and Adequate Behaviour

Animal owners should avoid committing the error of accidentally rewarding unacceptable behaviour.

Whether or not you scream at a dog, some animals may still think of this action as. For many dogs, any attention is good attention. Never do that! Just use the electric dog collar to modify this perspective. If your dog does something right, such as obeying a command, going outside to defecate or stopping excessive barking deserves a reward. It may consume plenty of your time. Likewise, you need to exercise enough patience if the little puppy or dog demonstrates a degree of inflexibility.

Positive dog training teaches your dog the trait of self esteem helping build a relationship of trust between the owner and the pet.

The most vital aim in training your dog is to instill in its mind how it should behave inside the house especially as far as toilet habits are concerned. This kind of work must be performed methodically, without showing any excitement and irritation or impatience in the techniques. Now, you can make your decision regarding dog obedience training and collars.

The Dog Line provides tips in canine obedience training as well as supplies dog keepers with tools like the Electric Dog Collar . You can obtain more relevant info and Remote Dog Training Collars the internet site of The Dog Line.

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Reliable Advice Regarding Dog Training and Coaching Collars

The web is filled with articles regarding canine obedience training and the Dog training collar . It may confuse readers to a certain point since these promotional releases, blogs and forums contain plenty of info. Although most of the ideas are useful, you need to be careful in choosing and following the most convincing and helpful advice.

Educational Ideas from Dog Professionals

The competent dog trainer will be more than willing to share his or her insights about dog training.

You can expect this pro to provide tips on the most suitable and functional canine obedience training collar.

Maybe, it’s really important to start with coaching secrets that use body language and treats in dealing with all kinds of dog behaviour.

This refers back to the use of treats as the dog’s reward every time the animal obeys a command successfully. This so-called dog treat training sticks to positive reinforcement. It basically means that dogs are poked to perform a desired deed and given a reward once it complies with the owner’s desire.

Treat training for your Pet Dog

This manner of coaching was found out to be productive since the training process is interpreted by the dog more of fun time instead of a tedious task. Both you and your pet can find pleasure in said activity and the dog becomes more cooperative in following your orders.

Among the best treats include food like cheese products, peanut butter, and liver. You can cut these into tiny pieces so you will not be inclined to give more than what is appropriate for your dog. Apart from it isn’t wise to push your pet to becoming overweight especially for health purposes.

The Utilising of Body Language for your Dog

In the domain of man?s best mate, you’ll find that dogs communicate essentially through body language. That’s why you need to learn this also. This implies that you’ll find it easier to train any breed provided you blend body language with oral instructions. You can also employ hand signals since this’ll help the animal understand you better especially during conditions when the dog finds it hard to hear you. Body language is a really handy strategy and you will find out more about it’s benefits as you go on with the daily sessions. Naturally, do not fail to use the canine obedience training collar because this is a convenient tool also.

The Dog Line advocates the dog keepers to effect a dog training with Dog training collars for suitable approach to improve the dog’s obedience. For more pertinent information and Dog training collars reviews , please visit The Dog Line site.

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A resource to put the brakes on the dog thief.

A dog that steals resource and guards it, is usually inadvertently rewarded for the bad behaviour by his owner.

An example that suggests itself is a little Jack Russell terrier called Vinnie who used to take socks and rip them up. Vinnie with his thieved treasure would retreat to under a chair and utter a little growl caution each family member away from “his” sock. The small dog then went on to destroy the work in front of their eyes. His small growl fast turned into a more convincing snarl then an air snap. Vinnie bit his folks twice drawing blood. To their eyes he was out of control.

Vinnie is not such an awful dog. He’s a Jack Russell terrier that was under excited and under exercised. He lived in a busy family home and was terribly loved but misunderstood. Stealing things bought him attention and protecting them insisted that attention.

Any dog that shows resource guarding behaviour can become a difficulty over time. This problem is easily corrected by introducing a few simple routines into the home and your relations with your dog.

Here are some simple things you can do right now:

1. Teach your dog to swap. Teaching a dog to swap any resource will diffuse tension that may happen when you are attempting to take an item from him.

2. Take attention away from the dog if he has taken something. The dog is more certain to guard an item if he perceives that it has superb value to you. Ignoring the behaviour and stolen item will decrease its value in your dog’s eyes.

3. If required employ a house line. This is a thin line on the dog’s collar that will allow you to bring him from under furniture without showdown. A dog can react in a different way when underneath or behind something. It isn’t a brilliant idea to reach into a space to drag a dog out. A house line will permit you to take the line at a short way from the dog and gently without chatting to your dog remove him from his space.

4. Make your dog’s own toys very interesting, activity balls and filled Kong’s will give him plenty to do in the home. This can distract him from fighting for your attention by stealing.

5. Ensure your dog has plenty of exercise both psychologically and physically. A dog whose obligatory needs are met will settle better in the home when needed to. Stealing is often based in attention seeking and if your dog has masses of quality attention he will be less likely to seek it in unhelpful ways.

If stealing is now a problem and your dog has snapped or bitten it could be worth getting into contact with a behaviorist or positive dog coach that has understanding of dog aggression training.

For more information on positive dog training, and more accurately pointers and advice from our gurus, or if you’ve got an interest in dog aggression training, then please feel free to visit The Dog Trick Academy.

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Puppy Training 101: Primary Equipment Needed To Coach Your Puppy

Are you ready for Puppy Training 101? To begin with, you will need three specific pieces of accessories to be able to properly teach your puppy: a training dog collar, a leather training leash, as well as a 15-foot length clothesline rope.

If you’re already thinking that your puppy’s present leather collar will work, and that his 4-foot chain leash will suffice, you may as well stop reading this article and save yourself and your puppy weeks of discomfort and hardship. There simply is no substitute for the right training equipment. A training collar is a slip-chain type made of metal. Don’t substitute one that’s made of nylon.

One of the many things your puppy is going to learn is to have confidence in you. But he will never develop that feeling of confidence if you substitute improper training equipment that will not be effective. Where there’s no confidence there can be no respect, and no respect means no desire to please. No desire to please means no willingness to learn. Add them all up and you have an uncontrollable puppy that will never achieve his rightful place in human world.

The Proper Leash

Your leash should be of the regular five to six foot leather type with a hand loop at one end. Training dog collars as well as leather training leads can be found from pet stores and also via online catalogs. Training collars are sometimes called choke-chains, which is incorrect. While it’s true that a training collar can choke, if it’s worn on the puppy correctly and used properly, there’s no way it can be a choke-chain and cause harm to your pet.

The Right Collar

The collar should be large enough to slide over the puppy’s head comfortably, but not so large as to fall over the ears if the puppy should lower his head. A good rule of thumb to follow is to place the collar on the puppy and cinch it up tight for a moment and observe whether you have three inches of chain left over. If so, you have a fairly good fit. It is better to have a training collar that’s slightly too large than one slightly too small.

Final Puppy Training Necessities That You Cannot Find In A Store

The remaining equipment that you’ll need cannot be purchased at any store, but without them, you cannot successfully train your puppy.

You must love and care for your puppy! You must have patience and exercise patience while your puppy is learning. A shallow patience put together along with a quick temper is going to assure complete and utter fiasco.

To lose your cool and blow up means the end of training, so here’s a little tip that might help you keep your cool:

It takes 4 to 5 days for an average puppy to learn the average thing. Do not expect your puppy to perform like a professional the first few days of teaching him something new. It just doesn’t happen that way. Should you lose control of yourself, you’ve lost control of the particular scenario. When this happens, your puppy loses confidence in you.

I hope you have enjoyed the first lesson in Puppy Training 101!

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Frontline Plus For Dogs Cheap – Where To Get Discounts And Save Money

There are a few ways to get Frontline Plus for Dogs cheap. Dog owners are always on the lookout for ways to get the best protective treatments for their pets. One vital aspect of dog care is providing reliable protection from tick and fleas. one of the best treatments out there is Frontline Plus for Dogs. But even if you’re on a tight purse, there are still ways to get Frontline Plus for Dogs cheap.

1. You could always buy via from websites. As you probably already know, it’s more expensive buying it from dog supply shops, or even from your own vet. It’s being a once a month dose contributes to the price. Online, you can get it in packages – 3, 6, and 12.

2. Choose to buy in bulk. This is often the best way to get a cheaper rate – you might even get lucky and take part in offered promos or discounts online.

3. There are seasons to watch out for, and take advantage of. As with any product, the price is tugged down when the demand is low and spiked up when the demand is high. Some dog owners take advantage of this and make their bulk purchases before May or June.

4. Buy according to your dog’s weight. Make sure you get your dog weighed. Like other treatments, Frontline Plus for Dogs comes in various packages and in different weight categories. So when you know how much your dog weighs, you can simply choose the weight category to buy.

So there you have it – reliable tips on how to save money when buying Frontline Plus for Dogs. Buying in this way simply tells you how much trust there is on the product. With these tips in mind you can surely get the flea and tick protection treatment your dog deserves.

There’s really no surprise for the demand for Frontline Plus for Dogs. It provides flea and tick control unmatched in convenience – it lasts for a whole month and the fleas start dying a day after application (ticks start dying in two days). After a 24-hour wait after you apply Frontline Plus, the product becomes “waterproof.” That means your dog can get soaked in rain or bathe or splash it self in a puddle and the treatment still protects your dog from reinfestation.

There’s no better deal when you think about it – a month-long protection from flea and tick. Still, as with any effective flea and tick treatment, there are conditions to watch out for – you can’t just apply the treatment on just any dog, such as those that are very old or under another treatment (consult your vet just to be sure).

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Using Pet Stairs Can Save Your Dog’s Joints!

Have a new dog in the house is a pleasure and a responsibility. No matter what age the dog is, when they first come to your home, there is a certain degree of training that is necessary to get them acclimated to their new surroundings. A younger dog or puppy will undoubtedly need dog training with emphasis on training with dog steps.

Small dogs only grow to a certain size. These little beauties have no way to climb on and off certain pieces of furniture such as the couch or bed. You may start at first by picking them up but the best way to handle their needs is to train them how to climb up and down the steps.

Small and large dog steps are available at some retailers, but there is a larger variety to choose from online. Not only can you choose the material of the steps, but you can also choose from different finishes and colors. Some even come with molding or hidden storage panels.

Training to use dog stairs for beds and other furniture is much easier than most training. After your dog has used the steps a few times, with your encouragement, he will soon naturally turn to the stairs as a way to get where he wants to be—near his owner(s).

Keep the pet stairs free from objects that may cause the dog to trip such as toys and treats. Don’t rush your puppy or dog to climb down right away if they hesitate. Let them get comfortable with using the steps and before you know it, their training will be complete.

Be sure to shop for steps that are the right height for your dog. Some of the best dog steps have adjustable heights on the steps that allow for growing puppies.

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