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5 Puppy Training Tips For A Better Dog

Who doesn’t love a puppy? They are cute, fluffy, and playful. However, don’t let those innocent puppy eyes fool you – all puppies grow up to be dogs, and puppies growing up without the benefit of puppy training often grow up to be bad dogs. Here are some easy tips for puppy training to make the transition from puppy to dog easier on both of you. 1. Puppies grow up – act accordingly. Many puppy parents hold off on puppy training because, after all, they are just puppies. They think that puppy antics are incredibly cute. However, every time your puppy does something, remember how big your puppy will be as an adult. While a 10 pound lab puppy might be cute playing tug of war with your pant leg, chances are it won’t be nearly as cute when your 100 pound adult lab does the same thing. Basic puppy training means setting guidelines about appropriate behavior from the first day home.

2. Make the crate a second home. Another part of puppy training is to give the puppy his or her own space. The easiest way to do this is with a crate. The crate provides the puppy a place to sleep, a place to keep the puppy safe when you are not around, and an easy way for you to travel. Puppies do not like to go to the bathroom where they sleep, so a crate can be a very useful tool when doing puppy house training. The crate should be large enough that your puppy can stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably, but not so large that he or she can poop in one corner and lay down in another. Do not leave puppies in the crate for extended periods of time – a puppy can hold his or her bladder for about as many hours as it is months old.

3. Never hit a puppy. It is a common misconception that hitting a puppy is part of puppy training. However, hitting a puppy during puppy training more often than not will lead to only one of two things – a dog that is afraid of you or a dog that is aggressive. Neither is the desired result of puppy training, and this will lead to a dog that does not make a very good pet.

4. Make puppy happy for coming. Getting puppy to come to you when called is one of the first puppy training steps that you should take. Doing this step of puppy training will have many uses – it will allow you to distract puppy from wrongful behaviors, it will allow you to find puppy if it becomes lost, and it can keep puppy from dangers activities like running into traffic. During puppy training, reward puppy every time he or she responds and comes when called. Small treats and lavish praises and pats will teach puppy that coming when called is a good thing.

5. Socialize. An integral part of puppy training is training your puppy the proper behavior around other dogs and people. Take puppy out often, exposing him or her to new situations and new people and pets. Reward the puppy for desired behavior, and reinforce simple commands like sit and stay. Remember to stay calm, as puppy will read your emotions and act accordingly. Starting puppy training early will lead to a lifetime of good times with your dog.
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So, while the immediate focus of you can try these out our work is formative assessment, ultimately the goal is the advancement of learning

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Dog Chewing

Training your puppy to stop destructive chewing is part of Puppy and Dog Training Online

How To Stop Puppy Chewing — The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dog Training Basics

Tell me, does this describe you? Puppy chewing is making your dream of having a happy, obedient dog into a nightmare of dog chewing problems as your belongings are shredded into a million little pieces. Don’t despair. You can stop puppy chewing by learning some dog training basics.

You Need To Understand Why Puppies Chew On Things

If you’ve ever been around a human baby, you know that they learn about their surroundings by putting everything in their mouths. A puppy is no different. Puppies chew on chair legs, shoes, and whatever they can get hold of. This is normal behavior, but that doesn’t mean it’s not destructive chewing.

Also like human babies, puppies chew on things because they’re teething. When a dog chews, endorphins are released. These chemicals soothe your puppy and make his sore gums feel better.

The Do’s Of Dog Training Basics For Puppies

Puppies don’t automatically outgrow chewing on everything. It’s up to you as a dog owner to train him to stop puppy chewing on things that don’t belong to him.

You can prevent dog chewing problems by putting things away. Don’t leave out eyeglasses, shoes, or the tv remote where he can get them. Put the trash in a closet, and move plants to a safe place. Pick up throw rugs, socks, and anything else he’s tempted to chew on.

Make furniture and things you can’t move taste bad to your puppy by spraying them with a bitter-tasting substance. These sprays, available at pet stores, are very effective at stopping destructive chewing.

Provide lots of chew toys. Only give him two or three at a time so he can learn that they belong to him. If he starts chewing on something off-limits, say "drop-it" and make a noise to startle him into dropping the object. Immediately give him one of his chew toys and praise him when he puts it in his mouth. This teaches him two things; he’s learning the "drop-it" command, and he’s also learning what things he should and should chew on.

Your puppy needs a couple of hours of vigorous exercise every day. Take him out and play with him. Don’t miss training opportunities during this play time. A young puppy can’t concentrate for long, but taking advantage of thirty seconds here and there to work on basic commands lays a good foundation for training.

Keep an eye on your new friend. If you’re busy and can’t watch him, put him on his leash and tie it to your belt. Make sure he has something to play with. Now he can’t wander off and get into mischief if you turn your back for a minute.

When you leave the house, confine your puppy to one area, either in his crate, or by using a wire-reinforced puppy gate.
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What Not To Do When Dealing With Dog Chewing Problems

Don’t confuse your puppy by giving him old shoes or socks or towels to chew on. He can’t tell the difference between an old worn out running shoe and the ones you just paid $150 for yesterday. The boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable things to chew on must be very clear.

Avoid leaving him tied up outside all the time. Your puppy needs to spend lots of time with you, so he can learn what you expect from him. He can’t do this if he’s always in a puppy-proof environment.
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Unless you catch him the act of destructive chewing, don’t punish him. He can’t understand that you’re angry about what he did three hours ago. You might think he’s acting guilty, but what’s really happening is that he’s scared and threatened by you being angry and upset. The guilty-looking behavior is actually a submissive posture that has nothing to do with being caught misbehaving.

You can see that it’s very easy to do the wrong thing when trying to stop puppy chewing. The best way to train your puppy correctly is to make the investment in a well-recommended dog training course right now.



Darlene Norris has worked at a vet clinic and an animal shelter, and has had lots of experience with dogs. If you’re trying to , visit at to discover how a good dog training course will help you solve your puppy behavior problems.

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Puppy Socialization – Don’t Neglect This Important Part Of Training Your Dog

Let’s face it, as a new dog owner, you probably haven’t thought too much about puppy socialization. However, this is a very important part of dog training. Many cases of canine aggression could have been prevented if the dog’s owner had only known how to socialize a puppy.

Why Is It So Important To Socialize Your Dog?

When you expose your dog to lots of different people, different animals, and different places, he learns for himself that new sights, sounds, and people are fun, not scary.

It’s better to start socializing your dog while he’s still a puppy. You may not know that the best age to socialize a puppy is when he’s between the ages of three and twelve weeks. A young dog who has good experiences with new people, other dogs, and even cats will be much friendlier and less fearful of people. This helps to prevent aggressive dog behavior towards strangers when he gets older.

However, it’s never too late to socialize your dog. It may take a little longer with an older dog, but you can still use canine socialization in order to help your pooch overcome a fear of strangers and be a happier, more trustworthy friend.

What’s The Best Way To Socialize A Puppy?

Actually it’s not that difficult to socialize your dog, if you’re willing to make a little effort.

Many dog trainers suggest a puppy preschool. This is a series of group-training classes for puppies and their owners. Usually there are about 10 puppies and their people, along with a couple of dog trainers. During these classes, the puppies start to learn basic dog obedience commands like sit, stay, and others.

But the obedience lessons aren’t the most important part of puppy preschool. The play sessions are where your puppy learns essential social skills. During the play sessions, the puppies are let off their leashes and allowed to play with each other. Why is this important?

First, your puppy is learning how to get along with unfamiliar dogs.

Second, since there are other dog owners and a couple of dog trainers present, this means lots of unfamiliar people, too. This is a great way for your puppy to learn not to be afraid of new people.

Third, it’s a controlled environment. The dog trainers make sure things don’t get too wild.

Don’t Stop Puppy Socialization Too Soon

Many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that since their dog has been to puppy preschool, their puppy is now socialized. This mistaken idea can lead to problems later on.

It’s important to continue to expose your young dog to new faces, new animals, and new places. Sometimes puppies who seemed to be well socialized at a younger age "forget" those early lessons. By the time your dog is between eight months and two years old, he may become fearful of people and start showing canine aggression towards strangers.

Here’s some food for thought: even though your puppy has learned basic skills during his first few months, it’s important to keep reinforcing puppy socialization lessons throughout your dog’s life.



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Tips On How To Train A Puppy

. You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.

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Puppy Training – Chihuahua

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    Tips On New Puppy Training

    Dove creswell has given us a which is a perfect .

    How To House Train A Young Puppy

    How to house train a young puppy is a worry for every new puppy owner. House training is a chore for a few weeks, but you can be assured your puppy naturally shares your house-proud goals, and is a willing learner. You just need to guide your puppy to do the right things. 6 mar 2013 … buy zyban online without a prescription ————- no script zyban without a presciption canadian perscriptions zyban zyban xr …

    Has a new puppy just joined your family? If you are like most house-proud families your first and biggest concern is how to house train your new young puppy. The reassuring news is that dogs do not naturally soil their den. If they can they will go outside and away from it instead. Your puppy’s mother will normally have taught these basic hygiene habits to your puppy during its first 2-3 months. Some dog owners interfere with this natural habit. A dog that is chained up for lengthy periods may not have the option to leave its kennel, which is why a dog should be allowed to run free several times a day to help keep its living quarters clean. To house train a pup kept indoors, the first step is to limit its sleeping quarters to a small area that is the equivalent of its "den". It will naturally wish to keep that area clean. Some people use a crate for this purpose.
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    You can take two approaches to your house training from that point: training your pup to hold on until it can obtain relief outside, or teaching it to use a dirt tray inside. Either way, the main aim is to have the puppy relieve itself in an acceptable place, not just anywhere in your home as if it were the great outdoors. Personally I prefer training a dog, especially if it is a larger breed, to go outdoors, but this may not be practical if you live in an apartment situation, have no outdoors kennel or you are very busy or often absent.

    If you can, take your puppy outside onto grass as soon as it wakes or soon after it is fed, and several times through the day. Every 3 to 4 hours is a practical guideline, beyond which the risk of an accident rises. Success should be praised. As this becomes a routine, the pup will eventually begin reminding you when it is time for it to go outside. Once it gets the idea it will be able to let you know when it needs to go outside at other than the routine times. Expect that reaching this stage will take several weeks. Accidents will happen, and should not be punished. Rewarding positive behavior is a more effective training method. You would be well advised to have the puppy live initially in an area with a hard floor that is easily cleaned, such as in your garage or laundry.
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    Keeping the puppy in a run outdoors during the day, so that it will be asleep for most of its time indoors through the night, will reduce the demands on your time as its temporary "nanny" during this process. If you have a dog door giving the puppy access to the outside, train the puppy to use it when required. This is much less labor intensive for you, and speeds up the learning process. Ideally the "den" area where it sleeps should initially be adjacent to this door. Of course, free access outside should not mean freedom to roam beyond a secure yard. Access to the outside may not be practical for you. A dirt tray inside the house is an alternative. You can obtain absorbent materials to use in your dirt tray, which reduce your concerns about the smell. The tray should initially be located a short distance away from where the puppy sleeps so that it is clearly separate from its "den". Take the puppy to the dirt tray when it wakes and after it is fed, and reinforce success with affection, until it gets the idea of how to use it. Be patient. Some trainers advocate an initial paper-training stage to better communicate the idea. This is simply the use of newspaper laid on the floor as a place-to-go as an initial alternative to a dirt tray. A little "starter" urine scent on the paper from last time helps the pup to get the idea. The advantage of using paper is a broader target-zone, and paper is cheap and easily cleaned away. You gradually narrow down this area over a couple of weeks to just the dirt tray. Once the habit of using the dirt tray is firmly imprinted, you gain some freedom to move it step-by-step further away from the den or sleeping area, perhaps to a utility room or attached garage, where the family spends less time.

    In effect, this means the clean "den" area is extended to encompass as much of the house as the puppy may access. You would be wise not to include access to any dark secluded corners too quickly in case they prove a temptation, should the routine visits outdoors or access to the dirt tray be disrupted for some reason. Your patience during this time will be rewarded by the house-proud habits your puppy will learn. dec 16, 2014 – fast and safe delivery, buy click here to buy doxycycl hyc cap 50 mgdo it help with tooth infection .
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    Shelby Wright grew up working with sheep herding dogs, and later bred and showed gun dogs. For more information on easy and effective ways you can train your dog at home see . Shelby also writes for another website with helpful tips on .

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    Published: 6/12/2008

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    How To Train A Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzu Training – 3 Ways

    Get one type of Shih Tzu training wrong and you will probably lose your dog!

    Shih Tzu training is necessary if you and your new puppy are to have a great long-term relationship. Your Shih Tzu pup will be a part of your family and as such must fit in with your lifestyle. You have chosen this critter to enter your society and you owe your pet direction about how they should behave. With just a few basic training steps your puppy can be a pleasant and valuable companion. If you don’t get the training right, your dog probably won’t stay at your house! Training is just part of Shih Tzu care.

    There are three basic types of training.


    If your Shih Tzu puppy is going to stay inside, you must house break your pup. Make sure your puppy is old enough for training before your start to avoid a lot of frustration. Check with your breeder on the best age. House breaking your Shih Tzu is very important. If you don’t get this right fairly early in your pup’s life, your Shih Tzu will probably leave your home. Most people cannot deal with a dog that constantly makes messes in the house.

    The old method of crate training works well. You confine your pup in a small area and closely supervise the pup. Take the pup out frequently for elimination breaks. The puppy will try no to soil it’s area since it’s in close quarters. Along with this method there are now many products to help with house training. There are litter boxes for dogs, doggie diapers and potty pads. Also consider the Wizdog potty training mat. So there are many aids to help with potty training. But the point is you must get this done.

    Obedience Training Shih Tzu Dogs.

    Obedience training the Shih Tzu isn’t absolutely necessary like house training, but it is helpful and makes for a more pleasant life with your pet. Why not train your dog to obey commands instead of endless repetition of the same commands with little or no response from your pet? Basic commands like stay, sit, down and others that you choose can help you and your pet enjoy a better relationship. The keys for teaching these basic commands are consistent, gentle discipline. Be firm but lavish in praise for good performance. You may need some help with training but you can train your dog yourself with maybe just a little help. Be sure to get the Shih Tzu information you need to accomplish your training goals.


    Dogs vary in their ability to learn tricks. But if you have the basic obedience under control, you and your Shih Tzu might enjoy learning some tricks. And remember this is just for fun. The same principles that will help you teach the basic obedience commands will help you teach tricks too. If your Shih Tzu training just accomplishes the house training part you can enjoy your Shih Tzu. Adding obedience and trick training just makes your relationship with your pet even better. Al Bullington has experience with all kinds of pets including an independent (Know what I mean?) little Shih Tzu named Annie. Would you like more tips on

    Please visit and get more free resources.

    Published: 12/14/2007

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    Avoid Mistakes With Puppy Training

    You can with

    How To Train A Puppy: 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Learning how to train a puppy can be frustrating at times and there are 7 common mistakes that can make it take even longer. Once you understand these mistakes and how to avoid them, your training will dramatically improve.

    The web is filled with tips on how to train a puppy and no doubt you have found many contradict one another. However, there are some things which you will find most dog trainers and behaviorists agree upon and that is the many mistakes you can make training your puppy. All your time spent teaching your best friend to follow your commands can come undone by making a few mistakes. Hopefully this list can guide you against making some common mistakes as you learn how to train a puppy.

    1.Being Inconsistent With Commands
    No doubt you have found many command words in your search for how to train a puppy. There are the common ones such as sit, stay, fetch etc. However which word you use doesn’t matter as much as how you say it and what you associate the word to. A common problem is that people don’t continue to use the same word and tone of voice with a command. If you teach your dog to sit using the word “sit” and use a low tone of voice, it is not a good idea to then try to get your puppy to sit by saying “sit down” in a high tone of voice. This is likely to confuse your pooch and create unwanted results. If you train your puppy to sit by saying sit, stay consistent with the word and how you say it.

    2.Using Food As A Reward Every Time They Follow Your Command
    Sometimes it is extremely difficult to resist those big wide eyes staring at you when your puppy wants a treat. However rewarding your dog for every correct command followed is a sure way to make your puppy training harder. There was a study a while ago where researchers trained monkeys in two groups to follow commands. The first group received a treat as a reward every time they followed a command and the second group was rewarded randomly with treats for following a command. The researchers found that the first group became dependent upon the reward and only would follow a command if a treat was offered for doing so. The second group however would follow the command every time because they didn’t know whether they would get a treat or not. How does this relate to training your puppy you ask? The same thing can be found with your pooch. Instead of giving a treat for every correct command followed, only reward them with food some times. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t always praise them with a pat for following your command.

    3.Don’t Ignore Bad Behaviors
    You may have found information informing you to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior when you learn how to train a puppy. This is poor advice as your puppy needs to know right from wrong. Should you never correct them, the bad behavior will become an acceptable behavior to them. By all means this does not mean to hit or use any harsh punishment on your dog for a bad behavior. Simply telling your dog “no” and showing them the correct behavior is a simple way to remove bad behaviors. Things such as chewing your favorite shoes or barking unnecessarily can become a large problem should you leave it go without correction.

    4.Hitting Your Dog Or Using Harsh Corrections
    Quite simply put, this is a quick way to lose trust with your puppy. There is a big difference between your dog following your commands out of respect and trust as opposed to out of fear. The old ways of learning by hitting the nose of your puppy or spanking are out of date. In fact it is the cause of many dog attacks as irresponsible owners have hit their dogs as a teaching method. When another person attempts to pat the dog it becomes fearful and attacks the person out of defense. So if you want your dog to know they have done something wrong, correct them verbally and then show them the correct way of doing things. If you don’t know how to train a puppy without using violence then it might be a good idea to find a professional trainer to help.

    5.Patting Your Dog Or Praising After Correcting Them For Doing Something Wrong
    A very common mistake made when people learn how to train a puppy is to pat their dog after they have just corrected them for doing something wrong. In fact who can blame you for feeling bad about correcting your dog when they look at you with their gorgeous puppy eyes. However by patting your pooch directly after correcting them, it provides a mixed message. In fact your dog may associate doing something wrong with being patted after they are corrected. Instead it is better for you to correct your dog and then show them the right way to do things. Should they do this right, then it is a good idea to praise them so they associate the new behaviour with being rewarded. This doesn’t mean scolding your dog for misbehaving and then ignoring them for the rest of the day. Your puppy will know pretty quickly when you are displeased with them, just make sure you help them do the right thing and then offer praise.

    6.Punishing Your Dog For Doing The Right Thing Without Knowing 90 online using paypal . men’s health. low prices, safe & secure, free world shipping.
    You might look at this common mistake and think what on earth are we talking about? An example to use is when you walk your dog off lead and then for some reason you need them to come. You call your dog and then their reward is being put back on the lead. Obviously you are putting them on the lead for good reason however your puppy will associate being called with being told off. This is a problem. To counter this, use a similar solution to the rewards one mentioned above. If every time you call them they go on the lead, obviously they won’t come because they assume they will be put back on the lead. Instead call your dog on walks and when they come praise them and give them a pat. Maybe take a couple of treats with you and randomly give those as well. This way your dog doesn’t always think they will be put on the lead when called. This also applies for many other things so it is important to always think about how your dog would associate your commands.

    7.Rubbing Your Dog’s Nose In His Latest Toilet Mishap
    Surely this mistake would have been removed from the basic trainer’s handbook on how to train a puppy. Unfortunately this very old school method of training still exists and is practised in some places. Rubbing your puppy’s nose in the mess they left behind hours earlier is not going to accomplish anything a part from irritating your dog. Surely you wouldn’t want to pat your dog after their nose has been in their left behind mess either. Showing your puppy the right place to go to the toilet is the best way to potty train your dog. The hard part is that the only way to show them is by catching them as they do it and taking them to the right place to go. It is hard work but worth it.

    For the Love of the Puppies

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    But man, once they figure it out, they get into it

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    Dog Obedience Training

    is a part of the by Dove Creswell

    Dog Obedience Training: Training Your Dog Before He Is Born

    Training a dog can be a serious matter. Some dog owners give up early on in the process of training their dogs because they find it difficult to find the time and the commitment to accomplish the dog training, but what if they could train their dogs while still in uterus? Could training a dog before he or she is even born possible? Read on to find out.

    Some pup owners do not often conceive about the welfares of training their pup. Simply when is the exact time to educate a whelp? Many people consider that training man’s best friend at a really early age can be detrimental to the maturation of the pet dog, others think that the sooner the dog obedience training begins the better. What if a pet could be trained while still in the antenatal stages? Would something like that be attainable?

    The prenatal period, is a recognized crucial period during the development of pups. It is said that lasting term results towards the behavioral maturation of mammals happen while they’re still inside their mamas. Earliest studies frequently disregarded the existence of this time period in a pup’s lifetime cycle since live watching of the pups doings wasn’t attainable. But with the maturation of the ultrasound machine an unborn pup can directly be observed within its mom even as new as the 4th week of gestation period! In reality, some think that training a pup can commence at this time period.

    They have observed that puppy fetuses respond to contact or to pressing from outside their moms abdomen. It is also hypothesized that since pups have a very well-developed feel of touch yet at birthing, then it could be attainable that this sensibility is also as developed a classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay. it is not the only format for , of course, but it is a useful model for you to keep …. the guide to grammar and writing is sponsored by the capital community college … even before they are born. Therefore it is also speculated that constant gentle patting of the mother abdominal cavity can help in the development of positive socialization of the pups with people. After birthing and during the 1st two weeks of a pup’s living, which is also identified as the neonate period, it’s said that puppies can already learn basic associations. Thence, it is conceived peak time for training a pup.

    Notwithstanding these earlier experiences are precise unlikely to get carried over to the pup later lifetime. So training a puppy while it’s still young might be a superb thought but the chances of this training being retrieved when your puppy gets older is very unlikely. The next period of time in a puppy’s growth is what’s called the socialization. Social investigation, play fighting and playful sexual behavior is adamant to the puppy’s power to develop social relationships during its living. Thence training a puppy to play fight with other pups is good to it and should be encouraged.

    During the same period of time, reactions such as getting stunned as well as responses to jerky movement as well as sounds spring up. This would help the puppy to distinguish what is hazardous and what is secure as well as which events are secondary. The maturation of a pup’s attachment to specific areas in its surroundings occurs. This could show itself through a distressed reaction in the pup when something is displaced or modified. This affair is named localization and it frequently happens to puppies between six-seven weeks of age and then diminishes away as time goes by till it progresses to the level when whatever shift is no further bothersome to the puppy.

    Its also said that a pooch that is petted on a regular basis by its master particularly during the 1st 8 weeks of its lifetime is more likely simpler to be trained as well as more ideal to be existing with human beings. As such, puppies should be settled in their permanent home within the 8-10 weeks of live. There special prices. . – are even laws, in many places, wherein puppies are not permitted to be taken away from their sires prior to reaching 8 weeks. Pups are likewise more some intimidated of any change during the periods of time of ten-twelve weeks Thus causing it tougher for them to adjust to a new family.

    Learn More Tips on How To Train Your Dog

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    Published: 7/28/2008

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